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Is Jalen Ramsey gay? Truth explored here!

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Corner kicker Jalen Ramsey plays American football for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League. The six-foot-tall Tennessee native was named to the 2017 First-Team All-Pro as one of the top performers in his position. He wants to duplicate the excellent start to his NFL career. This comes after his two selections to the All-ACC teams during his three years in college.

Is Jalen Ramsey gay?

After a conversation in which he made fun of now-retired wide receiver Steve Smith and an altercation on the field, Jalen Ramsey faced LGBT rumors. Ramsey was clear and coherent in answering the questions, but his body language caught people’s attention.

The athlete displayed all the usual gay actions, including rolling his eyes, bobbing his head and shrugging his shoulders. This sparked a wave of homophobic comments left on the athlete’s account, along with claims that Ramsey was gay. Ramsey has shown he is not gay by beating his girlfriend, Breanne Tate, despite all the slander.

Is Jalen Ramsey gay?
Is Jalen Ramsey gay?

Check out Jalen Ramsey’s biography

On October 24, 1994, in Smyrna, Tennessee, Jalen Lattrel Ramsey, the second of Margie and Lamont Ramsey’s two sons, was born. He spent his freshman year of high school at Ensworth High School in Nashville, Tennessee before transferring to Brentwood Academy in Brentwood where he completed his degree.

Ramsey competed in and excelled in both football and track and field during this time, making him a sought-after recruit for colleges. The University of Southern California eventually transferred to Florida State University and played for the Seminoles despite the initial commitment to go to Ramsey.

During his freshman season, Ramsey was the first player to start all 14 games for his team and the school in over 25 years. Several NFL organizations took notice of him as he helped his group win the 2013 Atlantic Coast Conference Championship and the BCS National Championship.

With 80 tackles, three sacks, 12 passes, two interceptions and three forced fumbles as a sophomore, Ramsey again won the ACC Championship and improved personally. He continued to excel as a junior while competing in track and field competitions.

Before picking the 2016 NFL draft and skipping his senior year, he competed in a relay event and a long jump. At the 2013 ACC Athletics Championships, he finished third in indoor and outdoor long jump. Jalen Ramsey was elected by the Jaguars from Jacksonville with the fifth overall pick after entering the NFL combine and completing all combine and position drills.

Is Jalen Ramsey gay?
Is Jalen Ramsey gay?

Who is his girlfriend?

Breanna Tate, a former college of Mississippi trackster and sister of NFL Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey, was expecting a child. While it’s unclear exactly when the two started dating, photos from their baby shower show that they appear to be quite a close couple.

The couple welcomed their daughter, who is said to be in good health, sometime in July 2018. Ramsey missed the start of his team’s training camp, but he’s returned and needs to clean up his act.

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