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Ira ‘Bob’ Born died at the age of 98

by Ana Lopez
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Ira ‘Bob’ Born, the longtime president of Just Born Quality Confections, recently passed away at the age of 98. Ira was often referred to as the “Father of Peeps.” Nightclub Bettystar Wood remembered Ira on Facebook by posting a photo of him and noting that he was injured in a fall and never recovered. The message went on to say,

“Everyone knows Peeps, and today think of the man who brought smiles and joy to so many with his invention of the ever-cheerful marshmallow Peeps. He was the one who automated the production of the popular candy chicks.”

They further said:

Ross particularly noted that his father would be remembered as a “real man,” the press said. He was a nice man who shared his strengths and was generous with his abilities.

The message ended with the addition that Ira’s family has asked that all contributions be sent to the American Technion Society, the Israel Guide Dog Center, or any literacy initiative.

Ira ‘Bob’ Born became interested in the confectionery industry during her studies.

Sam Born, the father of Ira ‘Bob’ Born, was the owner of a pastry shop called Just Born when he was born on September 29, 1924. Ira graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in engineering physics and then joined the Navy. He joined the Navy as a radar specialist and was subsequently promoted to lieutenant. Bob attended the University of Arizona and applied to medical school. He also helped his father with his pastry business. According to his son Ross, he became interested in the confectionery industry and scientific equipment. After acquiring the Rodda Candy Company in 1953, Just Born became known for its jelly beans and marshmallow candies. Bob, on the other hand, planned to design a machine to make the candy in less time. The company was soon able to make candy in minutes instead of 26 hours.

Ira Bob Born

Bob then suggested another candy called Hot Tamales. According to Ross, Bob was constantly eager to bring something new to market. Bob worked for the company for 40 years. After his retirement, he became the president of a literacy program for an underprivileged community, where numerous other individuals joined him. A few months before his death, Ira ‘Bob’ Born was still working. Ross reported that he had fallen and was seriously injured, with no evidence of rehabilitation. Ross said his father’s advanced age was the reason he didn’t heal quickly.

Ira Bob Born

In 1953, Just Born created the Peeps marshmallow dessert. Adam Rifkin, a filmmaker and actor, obtained the film and television rights to the sweets in 2014 as he wanted to develop a franchise. Bob is survived by his children Sara and Ross, as well as their better halves, Bob and Wendy, as well as five grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

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