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In The Malin’s West Village Co-Work Sanctuary, polychromatic harmony fuels productivity

by Ana Lopez
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Amidst the match streets of New York City’s West Village, The Malin, a premier work-oriented membership club, has unveiled its newest location within the storied walls of the historic American Railway Supply Building. Marking the third Malin to open in the past year, this West Village gem at 134 Charles Street breathes new life into the iconic building while providing a serene, creative oasis for professionals yearning for an inspiring workspace beyond the confines of traditional offices or homes.

The American Railway Supply Building, an emblematic landmark steeped in cultural heritage, serves as the ideal partner for The Malin. Located in the Greenwich Village Historic District, the building embodies a captivating amalgamation of industry, art, and history. The location has long served as a hub for creative minds, once home to the extraordinary art collection of automotive heir Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. In addition, the artistic legacy of Jennifer Bartlett, an iconic conceptual painter and printmaker, continues to permeate the space, with door frames adorned with her original artwork and a library aptly named Bartlett Library.

The deft design philosophy of the Malin pays homage to the building’s storied past, taking care to expose the original wooden beams and stonework hidden beneath layers of plaster. Custom millwork, now a signature element of all Malin workspaces, echoes the aesthetic of a railroad car, a subtle nod to the building’s roots. Rich jewel tones, luxurious velvets and surfaces of marble, travertine and cast crystal come together in a harmonious dance, creating a space that is both functional and beautiful.

Stretching over two floors, The Malin’s West Village outpost covers 10,000 square feet and offers a wide variety of workspaces, including communal lounge areas, private desks, private offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, and a library. Members can anticipate working in a sophisticated environment surrounded by Calico Wallpaper, Pierre Frey fabrics and a selection of Bartlett’s artwork. Both levels are illuminated by beautiful lighting fixtures from renowned brands such as Flos, Murano and Roll & Hill. Unique elements, such as a furnished garden-level courtyard and molded Irish crystal tabletops – befitting Orior’s shared founder and furniture designers – epitomize Malin’s dedication to working beautifully.

A haven for the modern professional, The Malin strives to maintain an intimate atmosphere that promotes productivity and creativity. With a limited capacity and phased introduction of new memberships, the club guarantees a quiet environment without overcrowding or noise. In this carefully designed space, members enjoy an ambiance reminiscent of an exclusive members’ club, complete with personalized hospitality services delivered by an on-site Executive Assistant who caters to both administrative and personal needs.

In an era where companies struggle with the challenge of luring employees back to their desks, The Malin is a beacon of inspiration. It is the epitome of an ideal workspace that fosters creativity and productivity, a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when design, history and innovation merge. As The Malin continues to grow and expand, it serves as a reminder that the future of work looks bright, especially for those who dare to think outside the box.

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