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How to stay safe and enjoy your trip – business roundups

by Ana Lopez
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Since China began opening up to the world in the 1970s, the country has become increasingly welcoming to foreigners, including members of the LGBTQ community. Although homosexuality is not technically illegal in China, there is still a lot of discrimination against LGBTQ people.sexual relations are not recognized by the government. This can make traveling to China a little tricky for gay couples, but there are a few things you can do to make your trip a little safer. First, be aware of cultural attitudes towards LGBTQ people in China. Although attitudes are slowly changing, most people in China still do not accept homosexuality as a normal part of life. This means you may not be able to show public displays of affection and you should be careful who you come out to. Second, research your destination before you leave. Although Beijing and Shanghai are generally more accepting of LGBTQ people than other parts of the country, there are still areas where it is not safe to be openly gay. Do some research to find out which areas to avoid and always carry a map with you so you can find your way back to safety if necessary. Finally, remember that China is a huge country with a lot of diversity. Just because part of the country isn’t safe for LGBTQ people doesn’t mean the whole country is dangerous. There are plenty of places in China where you can feel safe and welcome, so don’t let the fear of discrimination stop you from exploring this amazing country.

Homosexuality has been legal in China since 1997, and in 2001 the country’s mental health authority removed it from its list of conditions. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in the United States and no marriage can be recognized by the government. Many know that censorship laws in China are particularly strict, but they have now broadened to include LGBT related content. In China, the government has been described by some observers as a “don’t encourage, don’t discourage” government with no major legal opposition to LGBT rights. A 2016 survey found that 35% of people born before 1970 would refuse to raise a homosexual child, while only 9% of those born after 1970 would. There are about 4 million trans people in China, but only 2.2% of the Chinese know a trans person. Because LGBT rights are so scarce in China, a pleasant trip can be difficult.

Online censorship makes access to gay networking sites and apps difficult. Gay travelers account for the vast majority of available accommodations in the United States. Travelers are more likely to do as they please if the hotel is international and high-end. The best places to party are in Shanghai or Beijing. Despite the fact that the internet is censored, some gay dating apps function as a way to connect with other gay people. It was founded in China by a former police officer who saw the need for an online dating app. It’s a Chinese gaming company that owns Grindr (we know, these are contradictions).

Is Egypt safe for lgbtq tourists?

Is Egypt safe for lgbtq tourists?
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Yes, Egypt is safe for LGBTQ tourists. There is no specific law against homosexuality in Egypt, and although there is Social stigma attached to being gay, it is not as serious as in other countries in the region. LGBTQ tourists should exercise caution when displaying affection in public, but otherwise feel safe and welcome in Egypt.

Is Japan a safe country for LGBT people?

Is Japan a safe country for LGBT people?
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There is no definitive answer to this question as opinions vary from person to person. In general, however, Japan is considered relative safe country for LGBT persons. There have been some instances of discrimination and violence against the LGBT community, but these are not widespread and are mostly isolated incidents. In addition, there are many support organizations and networks available for LGBT people in Japan.

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