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How to check if 153news.Net is not working?

by Ana Lopez
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153news just now

By entering 153news.net in the space above and clicking the “Check Now” button, DOJ.me will contact 153news.net to determine whether or not the website is down. Just enter the URL and the site status of 153news.net will be checked in real time using our online website checker.

Typing error

There are plenty of reasons why a website can be down. Unlike other downchecker sites, we try to ping AND load the website.

  • Ping failed: A network error may occur, but not necessarily.
  • Ping fails, but a valid http status is returned: site is reachable, server settings cause ping to fail.
  • Ping succeeded but no valid http status is returned: There is no network error here, an application level error could be the culprit.
  • Not valid http status: http status above 400 means that the server could not successfully process the request.
  • In some cases, websites block DOJ.me from reporting them as offline when they are actually online. We can’t help it, only those websites can unblock us. We have taken measures not to overload other sites with too many checks.
  • Sometimes we get mixed results or our requests expire. In such cases, we cannot be 100% sure whether a site is active or not.

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Troubleshooting tips for 153news.Net

  • Check the URL of 153news.net. Sometimes it’s just a typo.
  • Does 153news.net use http or https? They are not the same and some websites will not work with both.
  • Make sure you don’t lose your connection by visiting popular sites like amazon.com, google.com
  • Do you use a VPN or a Proxy? Turn it off and try again.
  • If 153news.net is your website, check the DNS settings and ask your hosting provider to check your server.
  • *bonus tip* Get hosting from a reliable company like GreenGeeks!

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Is 153news.net down with us too?

If our tool indicates that 153news.net is down, you have no choice but to wait for them to fix their servers. In addition, you can view their history in the table below. (if he or she has one)

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