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How does Charlie solve Gavin’s murder?

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After Taffy Boyle and Mandy Boyle were held for the murder of George Boyle, Charlie Cale continued her journey in the fourth installment of Peacock’s thriller series “Poker Face,” titled “Rest in metal.” While the band is on tour, Charlie joins Doxxxology, a failed metal band, as a merchandiser.

Gavin, the group’s new drummer, and they become friends. Charlie tries to tie up some loose ends to determine exactly how his friend died after Gavin inexplicably dies during one of the band’s performances.

Poker Face episode 4 recap

Ruby Ruin, the lead singer of the formerly known band Doxxxology, opens the song “Rest in Metal” by trying to find a drummer for their next tour. Gavin, who grew up listening to Ruby and her band’s great song “Stack Head,” meet the singer for the job, and she chooses him.

Ruby and Gavin soon join Al, Eskie, and the rest of the band as they play to disinterested crowds in many Wisconsin bars and pubs. Doxxxology listeners insist on hearing “Stack Head,” but the band is unenthusiastic about performing it because it was composed by their former drummer, who also values ​​the song’s exclusivity.

Poker Face Episode 4 Ending Explained
Poker Face Episode 4 Ending Explained

After leaving Boyle’s BBQ, Charlie starts looking for work and eventually runs into Ruby, who offers her the job of the band’s merchandise salesman. While entering into a relationship with Gavin, Charlie drives the band around in her car and sells their stuff.

Ruby, Al and Eskie don’t treat Gavin fairly because he isn’t a founding member of the band, leading the drummer to associate with Charlie. After seeing his suffering, Charlie even approaches Ruby about including the drummer in the band’s inner circle. Ruby is moved by what she says and agrees to let Gavin spend the night with the rest of his bandmates.

Poker Face Episode 4 Ending Explained

The metal band Doxxxology was praised when it first started for their popular song “Stack Head.” While the song set the benchmark, the band itself suffered as well. The band’s former drummer resigned without paying royalties to the other three members and wrote the song “Stack Head.”

Ruby, Al and Eskie try to continue performing, but they haven’t produced a hit song recently, making them an existing band. Doxxxology members are considering breaking up the band as they haven’t made an impact, but Ruby thinks they should keep playing as they could have one soon.

Gavin informs Ruby, Al and Eskie that he wrote and composed the song “Sucker Punch” on his own as they wait for a hit. His bandmates think Gavin’s music has hit potential after listening to it together. However, Al and Eskie don’t want a repeat of the “Stack Head” situation because they don’t want Gavin to take full credit “Sucker Punch” also.

But because they need a hit, the band can’t ignore or reject the song he writes. As a result, the other band members kill him and take the piece. “Sucker Punch” is Ruby, Al and Eskie’s second chance to regain their relevance as musicians.

They begin to think that the song will quickly turn their reputation as a failed band into a celebrated one. For that to happen, the song must be recognized as the group’s original work. Gavin’s murder allows the rest of the Doxxxology to share the glory evenly.

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How does Charlie solve Gavin’s murder?

Gavin dies during one of Doxxxology’s concerts. Gavin’s amp has been tampered with and Eskie, Ruby and Al make sure electricity is also running through his microphone. The drummer is then instructed to perform the infamous “Stack Head” scream so that he touches the microphone and dies.

Gavin is electrocuted and dies on stage as Ruby, Al and Eskie’s murderous plan piques Charlie’s interest. When she puts together the captions of various product advertisements the drummer has used, she inadvertently learns that Gavin is the author of the lyrics of “Sucker punch.”

Ruby agrees that she and her band use the music without giving Gavin any credit when Charlie confronts her about it, as she believes they deserve another chance to establish themselves as a noteworthy or respected band.

Charlie learns from Deuteronomy that the amplifier that killed Gavin can be modified to become a dangerous device. She hears Al write a new song about an impossible crime, which only fuels her skepticism.

Ruby questions Charlie about her concerns and how the other band members would have deliberately put their own lives in danger by going on stage with Gavin. Charlie then remembers the camera Gavin placed at the bottom of the chair to record his gait.

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Collecting the same, Charlie learns that Eskie, Al, and Ruby wore shoes with thick rubber soles to protect themselves from the electric shock that killed Gavin. Charlie understands that Deuteronomy was fired so the band members would mess with Gavin’s amp because he always sets up the amp and other equipment just before Gavin dies.

Charlie’s effectiveness greatly affects Ruby, Al, and Eskie’s future as investigators. Due to the song’s success suction cup, Doxxxology is about to land a record deal and Charlie is about to share the evidence she has of Gavin’s murder on a podcast. The information discourages music businessmen from working as a band with Doxxxology.

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