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Honkai Star Rail Combat: Discover the basics of successful confrontations

by Ana Lopez
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Honkai Star Rail combat system changes from Honkai Impact 3rd and it will ask you to calculate your hits against certain opponents. Let’s see together how a battle takes place in the game.

Honkai Star Rail: How do you start a battle?

In Honkai Star Rail, you can freely roam the different areas that the game offers and enemies can be found on the map. If you see one, you have the option to hit it to start the fight. If the latter charges at you, it also triggers the fight. There are three more details you need to know before starting a battle. There they are :

  • If you hit an enemy with a type that matches their weakness, so can you start directly with a weakened enemy.
  • You can use a talent or a normal attack to provoke a fight.
  • If an enemy attacks you from behind, he will set up an ambush and your opponents will attack first.
Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail: How does a battle work?

The battle is now on and you will soon notice that the interface contains a lot of information. To better understand how combat works, here’s all the information you need to know. We’ve numbered them on an image so it’s easier to see.

  • 1: Action sequence of the characters.
  • 2: Enemy health and break bars
  • 3: Enemy status duration
  • 4: Weaknesses of an enemy
  • 5: Your characters
  • 6: Your character’s ultimate attack
  • 7: Your character’s skills
  • 8: Skill Points
Honkai Star Rail

We can finally discuss how combat works. First of all you have to keep in mind the order of action, because it determines when you play. Once it’s your turn, you have the option to hit an enemy with a normal attack or use your ability. Watch out because each skill requires skill points which you get by using your normal attack. Also note that these points are not unique to a character, but to your entire team, so use each point wisely.

Performing actions will fill your ultimate attack meter. This type of move allows you to change the order of action, because activating your Ultimate allows you to play immediately. This allows additional actions. Don’t ignore the moment when you’re going to use your ultimate move, as some enemies can attack multiple times in a row.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Combat: How Does The Breakup Work?

You have the basics to fight, but we need to do one more thing to be fully prepared for the world that awaits you. This is the pause and weakness system. You should know that every enemy you encounter has at least one weakness. She is materialized by a symbol above the life bar.

When you If you hit an enemy with a character of the element that matches its weakness, you deal damage to its break bar. By emptying it, you delay enemy action everything in him inflict a state that depends on the element causing the weakness break. In addition vYou will deal more damage to it until his bar is regenerated.

Honkai Star Rail

Status list of weakness interrupts

  • Weak break Physical : Bleed
  • Weak break ice : Frozen
  • Weak break wind : Wind gap
  • Weak break firework : To burn
  • Weak break lightning : Surprise
  • Weak break quantum : Entanglement
  • Weak break imaginary : Prison sentence

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