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Hogwarts Legacy: These 5 treasure map quests unlock a unique outfit! Here’s our solution

by Ana Lopez
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If you decide to take a break from the main quest or from your homework for the professors of Hogwarts Legacy, you will be offered to go on a treasure hunt and unlock a unique outfit to change your character’s appearance. For that you have to complete 5 missions that will deprive you of your magic compassyou’ll have to poke around a bit, or follow our walkthrough with videos so you can easily put together this new set of clothes..

Demiguise Hogwarts Legacy: Location of all statues on the map

Where are all the Demiguise moons in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the open world? After spending the night here is the exact location of these statues that the janitor of the moon fears more than anything to unlock the upper levels of the Alohomora spell and open the locks.

The ghost of our love

Forbidden Forest

It’s probably the first quest of its kind you’ll come across and it’s also one that can drive you mad quickly. if you don’t pay a little attention. In principle, the correct bridge near the Forbidden Forest is the one on which a letter is placed. Wait until nightfall and make lumos so no candles come to lead you to the reward. For more information and a video walkthrough, check out the guide below.

  • Reward : Treasure hunters scarf

A friendly source


A well will grab you as you pass near it, northwest of the Aranshire region. After telling you about his life, he will wave a treasure map at you, which you must solve for a new piece of the treasure hunter set. As you can see in the video linked to the guide below, you’ll need to get there with a broom to easily find the chest for this side quest.

  • Reward : Treasure hunter Bicorne

Hippogriff target

Chateau du Collet

There will be a bit of sport to this one, as you have to reach the famous treasure chest. The map is located in the Château du Collet, a ruin that holds the scroll you’re looking for. Once there, small puzzles will prevent you from directly getting the treasure you need. eliminate poachers, ignite braziers and play with various elemental spells to make ends meet.

  • Reward : Treasure hunter gloves

There’s nothing more to it

Salgat Castle

You’ll need to complete the side quest above first if you want to try Henrietta’s music card. You must also have completed A La Rescousse de Rococo in the character’s hideout to try Plus Rien ne Cloche. It’s a little listening test, but if you want the solution, follow the video in the guide to ring the castle bells in the correct order and win a new coat.

  • Reward : Treasure hunters long coat

The treasure of the cursed grave

Cote du Collet

This part of your quest for the Treasure Seeker outfit cannot be unlocked until you unlock the last part of the map. You also need that goddamn spell from Alohomora level 3 that Mr. Moon learned. The path isn’t as clear as usual, we’ll let you discover all that in the video walkthrough below, with all the details of what you need to do to complete it. This will unlock most of this clothing set.

  • Reward : Treasure hunter outfit

Full treasure hunter outfit

If you’re not into piracy, dressing up in that full freshwater sailor uniform shouldn’t be a good prospect.. However, you won’t make it if you count all the unique outfits in the game, house tokens and antique uniforms.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

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