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Hogwarts Legacy: The 12 collectible chests hidden in the Room of Requirement and your vivariums

by Ana Lopez
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If you’re desperate to get all the Collector Chests and want to 100% complete Hogwarts Legacy, here are 12 that aren’t marked on your map and are very easy to overlook if you don’t decide to. Required.

Step One: Enlarge the Room of Requirement completely

Before you hunt for the Summoning Creassorts in these chests, you’ll need to unlock the four vivariums available in your Room of Requirement. To do this, you need to go through the main storyline and complete any of the quests offered by Cheek. The house-elf not only teaches you very useful things, such as how to use the loom, raise animals or catch a phoenix, but also allows you to open new terrariums along the way.

Second step: find the 12 collectible chests

Now just go to each of your vivariums to find them 3 boxes in it. Magic greenhouses behave like the open world and although they have limitations, they can be fully explored. For example, in the phoenix vivarium (the last one unlocked), you can visit the ruined castle and find a chest there. Watch the video above the article for the location of each of the chests.

Forest vivarium

  • First breast : Immediately to the left, climb the small walls and jump over the waterfall
  • Second breast : In the cave on the right,
  • Third breast : Above the cave on the right (go around the path)

coastal vivarium

  • First breast : climb the low wall on the left and walk to the end of the path, turn right,
  • Second chest : jump into the void from there to find a cave (the chest is inside)
  • Third breast : Return to the beach and swim in the water to the left to overtake a ledge

swamp vivarium

  • First breast : immediately left, climb up some ledges to find it
  • Second chest : in the middle of the vivarium, climb the big hill,
  • Third breast : Now go under the hill and go all the way to the right to find a dark cave with nothing to see. Use Lumos and Revelio to locate the chest.

meadow vivarium

  • First breast : in the castle
  • Second breast : all the way to the left, going down the long path
  • Third breast : on the left, climb a low wall

And there you go! You mainly get creations of floors, paths and other structures to decorate your terrariums.

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