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Hogwarts Legacy: List Of Plants And Seeds To Grow In Your Hard Room Request

by Ana Lopez
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To buy the plants needed to make potions and the seeds to plant in your Room of Requirement, there are two shops you should know: Le Navet Magique and Amanita et Chiendent. You will have to endure it during the main missions of Hogwarts Legacy, as the purchase of these products is part of certain teacher duties and be careful, it can cost you a lot of money. Please note that some plants will only fit in large pots purchased from the Village Creature Shop. You’ll also notice Bulbobulb’s absence from these lists, but that’s because it’s an ingredient related to the One Less Task side quest.

The magic turnip

Le Navet Magique garden center is run by the friendly Timothy Teasdale, whose Auror past suspects few customers.


  • Dictation seed: Free – at the beginning of the adventure you have to collect them as school supplies
  • Sisymbre Seed: 350 pieces
  • Polygonum Seed: 350 pieces
  • Dried fig seed : 450 pieces
  • Sweet mallow seed : 200 pcs

Note that when you buy a packet of seeds, it disappears from the store’s inventory. This is normal, because with one sachet you have endless fun! It is therefore much more economical to buy seeds to grow them than individual ingredients.


  • dictation sheet: Used to make the healing potion Wiggenweld. 100 pieces
  • Polygon strand : Used to make the potion of invisibility. 350 pieces
  • Sisymbre rod : Used to make the Concentration Potion 150 pcs
  • Abyssinian fig fruit: Used to make concoction. 150 pieces
  • Sweet purple : Used to activate Merlin’s Trials. 100 pieces
  • fertilizer : 300 pcs

You can usually only buy 2 of the ingredients per day from the store.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Amanita and Quackgrass

This shop is built on the hill, a little away from the village, and is the official supplier of all budding botanists. That is Beatrice Greena kind of cat lady in the plant version, who is the head of the store that even sells seeds that are considered dangerous.


  • Chinese biting rapeseed : 600 pcs
  • Poisonous Tentacula Seed : 1050 pieces
  • Mandrake seed : 900 pcs

Fight against plants

  • Chinese caustic cabbage : Jump on your enemies in combat. 300 pieces each
  • Mandrake: Screams very loudly and stuns nearby enemies. Each 500 pieces
  • Poisonous Tentacula: Launches salvos of 600 each
  • fertilizer : Your plants grow faster. 300 pieces each
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

You can also buy ingredients from the Traveling Shops while exploring Merlin’s Riddles and the dozens of treasure chests around the map, but the supplies you’ll find there are identical to those in the two shops described above.

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