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Hogwarts Legacy Ingredient List: How Do You Get Them All?

by Ana Lopez
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Even without being incredibly complicated, Hogwarts Legacy still has plenty of magical ingredients to harvest in a variety of ways, whether it’s in the undergrowth, on the still-smoking corpse of your enemies, or as a reward for your efforts to protect the local wildlife. retain. It may take some time to navigate through. That’s why we’re offering you a complete list of components, with their origins and their usefulness, that should help you prepare your potions, improve your equipment and modify its attributes.

There is 16 specific ingredients to discover to fill the special section of the collection, to unlock his trophy. But there is actually much more than that. You can’t miss them.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Materials collected from the ground

These ingredients can be found all over the open world, although it must be said that they have privileged environments. Hogsmeade’s Potions Pippin Shop sells one of every ingredient, during every season.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Merchants in each hamlet also sell a handful of common ingredients. Please note that the items listed below cannot be grown or harvested in the Room of Requirement. You can easily recognize them using Reveliothen they glow yellow.

Eggs of cinder snakes

Obtained from nests at cave entrances and on top of cliffs. They glow at night with a remarkable red glow. Find more information in our Cinder Serpent Eggs guide.

They are used for cooking Edurus potion.

Horglup juice

These false blue mushrooms are found in forests, at the entrance of caves, and especially in underground areas such as caves, inside the caves themselves, ruins, crypts, etc.

They are used for cooking Wiggenweld drinkso you will need a lot of it.


These cheerful little insects are picked up in the bushes, they are really everywhere in the fields and undergrowth.

They are used for cooking Concentration potion and the Felix Felix.

Jumping Poison Mushroom Caps

You can find tons of these mushrooms all over the surface, including along roads and trails. So you should have no trouble picking up enough.

They are used in the preparation of Invisibility potion.

leech juice

This tasty drink is extracted from leeches along the banks. You can easily find plenty of them along rivers, lakes, ponds and the sea.

The leech juice enters the composition of the Maximum drink And drink.

moon stone

These blue stones are obtained by breaking crystallized stones all over the open world. You can also get them by canceling summoning Room of Requirement items, including items that existed before. With some Créassorts you can also get them regularly without having to do anything. So you have enough of it pretty quickly.

The Moonstone is only used to summon elements in the Room of Requirement and its attachments.

Materials found on samples

These ingredients are obtained by killing enemies of the corresponding type, which has the merit of being obvious. If you are looking for a certain type of enemy, open the world map, zoom in one level and then search for monster lair icons, of the corresponding type. The Hogsmeade Potions Pippin Shop also sells one of each ingredient, during each season.

Language of Fangieux

Recovered from the mouth of the Fangieux. By using the special methods to kill them, you can harvest them more easily. These monsters can be found in swamp and water areas. Find more information in our guide to Fangieux languages.

This ingredient is used to Concentration potion.

spider fang

Much to the dismay of arachnophobes, you’ll encounter hordes of spiders in Hogwarts Legacy, so you should never run out of teeth. These charming critters can be found in forests, caves and crypts.

Their fangs are used for the Maximum drink.

smell of death

This necrotic essence is the residue left after the destruction of one Inferi. This type of undead can be found in cemeteries and crypts largely.

The smell of death enters the composition of the drink.

Troll boogers

As the name suggests, this ingredient is extracted from the nasal cavity of Trolls, after they inject a lethal amount of magic. They can be found in a variety of environments, including Goblin and Bandit camps. Find more details in our guide to Troll Boogers.

This unsavory ingredient is necessary for the Invisibility potion. Absolute discretion has a high price.

dog fur

Man’s best friend is also a wizard’s good ingredient. The game does not differentiate between wolves and dogs. You can hunt canines in forests, fields and some bandit camps.

Dog hair is used in the Edurus potion.

Materials obtained from magical creatures

This category includes ingredients harvested from the animals you house in the outbuildings of the Chamber of Requirement. After capturing them with the Catch Bag and then releasing them into the room, you must feed and brush them with the corresponding spells, for to harvest an ingredient. There is then a cooldown before you can collect more ingredients. To find a specific creature, open the world map, zoom in one level and look for the animal paw icons.

Since the name of the creature is given in the name of the object, we will not dwell on the topic. They are all used with the loom, to improve equipment or add an attribute.

  • Boursouf fur
  • Jobabill spring
  • Hippogriff feather
  • Bloater’s coat
  • Dirico’s feather
  • Thestral Horsehair
  • path warts
  • Niffler fur
  • Focifer spring
  • Moon calf Fur
  • unicorn horsehair : This animal is quite rare and hides in the woods. Find out where to find it in our Unicorn guide.
  • Grahorn Horn : The terrifying Lord of the Shores cannot be adopted until you complete the fourth Guardian Trial. You can then catch Graphorns.
  • Phoenix feather : There is no Phoenix in nature, you need to go through a special quest to get the only representative of this race in the game. Find out how in our guide to getting the Phoenix.

It’s good to know that theHogsmeade Pique & Peck Pet Shop also sells a copy of each of these materials, which is very useful for higher-level creatures that don’t unlock until late, like Grahorn.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Plants and seeds

Finally, all other plants can be grown directly in the Hall of Requirement or purchased from vendors. Find out all the details in the dedicated guide below.

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