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Hogwarts Legacy: From the Fourth Trial to the End of the Story, Our Walkthrough!

by Ana Lopez
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Summer has returned to Hogwarts since completing the fourth Guardian Trial in your Hogwarts Legacy adventure. In this ninth part of our complete walkthrough, you’ll find out what you need to do before you can access the end of the game.

New friendship missions unlocked after the fourth trial

When you return to the map room and the summer cutscene activates, you’ll unlock the following missions with Poppy, Natsai, and Sebastian:

A great wand: boss fight against Rookwood

Now go to Hogsmeade, at Ollivander’s, to have him make you a special wand. Be careful, a long battle is preparing then. To defeat Rookwood, you must recharge your old magic through minions and only use finishes on him. Then return to the map room.

Victor Rookwood Hogwarts Legacy: How To Beat This Boss Easily?

It’s time to take on one of history’s two great villains. It’s not Voldemort, but Rookwood is a powerful dark mage who leads the poachers in Hogwarts Legacy. Discover a video of the battle with a strategy guide to achieve victory.

The Last Depot: Rannrok Boss Fight

Before entering the Guardian Cave, make sure that you are at least level 30 for less effort. The cave is in the map room, just below it. The fight against Rannrok is daunting, so prepare yourself with tons of potions.

Rannrok Hogwarts Legacy Dragon: How to beat the last boss?

It’s time to end the goblin rebellion and decide what to do with ancient magic. However, a big, annoying boss blocks you. Watch the battle in video, with a strategy guide, tips and advice for Hogwarts Legacy.

Preparing for your OWLs

Now that the main story has been completed, you can imagine that the game is far from over. You still have many secrets to discover in Hogwarts and its surroundings.

Weasley lynx eye

Meet the professor in his transfiguration office to discuss. She will ask you to collect as many Wizard’s Guide Pages as possible before you can complete your OWLs. Make no mistake, this is a simple video and you don’t actually have to take any exams.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

The Four Houses Cup

First reach the level 34 then head to the Main Hall to watch the final cutscene and the credits. You also unlock the end of the story with the moon janitor when you collect all of Demiguise’s moons.

Once the credits are over, you can still do it 100% complete Hogwarts legacy by searching for the various collectibles of the open world, such as the trials of Merlin, the landing pads, the balloons in the sky, completing the side missions or even taking care of your magical creatures.

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