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Hogwarts Legacy Exploration Challenges: How do you complete them all for your Wizard’s Guide?

by Ana Lopez
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At the beginning of the game, the exploration challenges will be the ones that will attract you the most, simply because they improve your playing comfort, unlike the vast majority of other objectives of this type, which remain tied to cosmetics . To avoid spoiling anything, you get some pretty stylish uniforms, including the Quidditch Captain’s.

Collect traces of ancient magic

The sources of ancient magic are quite classic points of interest, but you will necessarily have to find them if you want to optimize your skills in combat. Basically, as you progress through the challenges, your old magic meter will increase, for the special attack that takes out almost every enemy in one fell swoop. This is therefore a very important challenge for your progress and it is not the only one in this wizard guide exploration category.


  • 2 sources of ancient magic: Increased ancient magic meter.
  • 6 sources of ancient magic: Increased ancient magic meter.
  • 12 sources of ancient magic: Increased ancient magic meter.

Burst Balloons

Simple as pie: you need to pop sets of balloons all over the Highlands map. Use Revelio while on your broom to scan great distances and everything should roll. For those who don’t feel like bothering with this mission, a full guide to their locations will be released soon. As a reward for these challenges, you earn new broom designs.


  • Explode 2 sets of balloons: Night dancer broom
  • Explode 5 sets of balloons: Illico Presto broom
  • Explode 10 sets of balloons: Blaze broom
  • Explode 15 sets of balloons: Cinder Broom

Landing platforms

Another challenge that you can complete on the back of your flying mount while exploring the world map. As the name suggests, you’ll need to step foot on landing pads to complete this challenge. They’re all quite high in the sky, but some can be easily overlooked if you’re not careful. This activity will earn you the Quidditch Player Set.


  • Complete 2 landing pads: Quidditch captain uniform
  • Complete 4 landing pads: Quidditch captain helmet
  • Complete 6 landing pads: Quidditch captain gloves
  • Complete 8 landing pads: Quidditch Captain’s Cloak

Complete Merlin’s trials

Certainly the most laborious secondary goal on the whole list. However, it remains essential if you do not want to have any more problems with the inventory of the equipment, because by completing these puzzles little by little you will increase your storage capacity. There are 70 on the map, but don’t panic, you only need 20 to collect all the upgrades. Never very complicated, with a few exceptions, Merlin’s challenges come in ten varieties, requiring all kinds of spells and special manipulations.


  • Merlin’s 2 Tests: Expansion equipment stock
  • 6 trials of Merlin: Expansion equipment stock
  • 10 Trials of Merlin: Expansion equipment stock
  • Merlin’s 14 Trials: Expansion equipment stock
  • 20 Trials of Merlin: Expansion equipment stock

Find the astronomy tables

A new collectible to find in the open world, and with the exception of three of them, you should come across them easily. This side mission with Amit or Ravenclaw features 3 challenges that unlock an equal number of cosmetic elements unique to customize your character. It’s not crazy, unless you’re going to collect all the outfits.


  • Lv.1, see the constellations of 5 unique astronomy tables: Sash of the cosmic seer
  • Lv.2, see the constellations of 5 unique astronomy charts: Cosmic Seer Outfit
  • Lv.3, see the constellations of 5 unique astronomy charts: Cloak of the cosmic seer

Discover the secrets of Hogwarts

We’ve already mentioned it in our little recap of the door puzzles in the game: the 3 secrets of Hogwarts are secret rooms that you can’t explore without a little common sense. Like the Trials of Merlin or the locations of treasure chests, the solution can only be found by following the main thread of the scenario, unlocking the different spells the teachers have learned when you return your homework to them.


  • Level 1 : Seeker of Secrets swimsuit
  • Level 2 : Tailored tailcoat
  • Level 3: Fashionable evening wear (this is an Easter egg from the movies, as Ron Weasley wears almost the same horrible outfit in the 4th movie).

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