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Have Trixie and David broken up or are they still together?

by Ana Lopez
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Even though she didn’t have the best upbringing, Trixie Mattel (real name: Brian Firkus) has achieved remarkable success under the label intended to denigrate her femininity.

After all, she has developed into a famous drag queen, TV personality, recording artist and businesswoman, and she has found true love with a successful Hollywood producer, David Silver. If you want to know more about their love story, only alluded to in the documentary ‘Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts’ and the Discovery+ series ‘Trixie Motel’, you’re in luck.

Trixie and David broke up
Trixie and David broke up

Did Trixie and David break up?

Trixie Mattel (Brian Firkus) and David Silver (especially as seen on Silver’s social media platform) are still very much in love with each other. The film and TV producer’s Instagram account showcases every facet of their relationship, from recent cuddly photos and flirty comments to their unwavering support for each other. However, Trixie has never shied away from freely discussing her boyfriend in interviews when asked, despite continuing to keep her public presence more corporate and brand-oriented.

So it was David who re-imagined the reality program concept of the “Trixie Motel,” proving that the couple had no intention of actually having children. Trixie EW recently spoke about the Discovery+ original, saying, “This is a real relationship,” and add, “…we took this huge gamble together [with this motel project]. Gay married? Is it not. Have children? Is it not. All my dreams have come true. Because this really is 50-50, it was a confirmation moment that we’re on to some real shit. It’s something that can outlive both of us; it’s so sick.”

She went on, “I love my partner; he’s never done this before, it’s easy to get an emotional boner when you see your partner doing something really good. In addition, Trixie said she and David had long dreamed of opening a drag club in Palm Springs and later perhaps a few additional motels across the country, each designed to be a perfect reflection of its own culture. “The Trixie Motel Palm Springs is very California, very desert like,” she said. “So maybe one in Nashville that’s a little more yee-haw that’s aimed at bachelors, or one in Florida that’s a real vacation bungalow.”

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Trixie and David’s relationship journey

It’s not known how or when Trixie met David, but the two became official after her appearance in Season 7 from RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2016. Since then, the former has worked as a crew member on such blockbuster films as “Batman begins” and “The break up”, it is likely that their career in the entertainment business played a role. Although Trixie openly admits to drawing projects from her own life for her, she does her best to keep the details of her romantic relationships out of the spotlight.

David, who produced the documentary Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts, is widely believed to have persuaded Trixie to reveal a more personal side of herself for the first time. In 2019 she told World of Wonder: “Originally, I don’t like working with someone I’m in a relationship with.” and I agreed. The fact that David was an integral part of her life and production, she hinted, was just a bonus.

The drag queen’s boyfriend is not only a co-owner of Trixie Motel, but also an executive producer of the reality show focused on the establishment. More importantly, she seemed to do this more for David, as she commented on the series that she hoped he would succeed as he has always been so proud of her achievements. Since we’ve been together for five years, Brian commented, “Our relationship has been five years … during which I have seen all my dreams come true,” brian said, “…and this project is one of David’s dreams that I really, really want to see come true.”

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Last lines

Despite not having the ideal upbringing, Trixie Mattel (real name: Brian Firkus) has achieved tremendous success by using a nickname that would insult her gender.

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