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Grab this golf simulator for 20% off during an extended cyber week sale

by Ana Lopez
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If you are an businessroundups.org, it may be a good idea to adopt golf as a hobby. Not only is it a relaxing way to refocus yourself, but it can be one valuable asset if a potential customer likes to play. But it is better to have some skills if you want to do business on the links.


Live in a cold area and must practice your golf game inside winter? Our extended Cyber ​​Monday deals have something to help you out. From now until November 30, you can get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator for $50 off for just $199.

The TruGolf Mini was created to help golfers of all abilities hone their skill level at home, come rain or shine. Combined with E6 CONNECT software, the interactive swing studio gives you comprehensive analysis, full court play, practice sets, games and more, right in your living room. The elite TruGolf Mini sensor collects meaningful swing data every time you swing, recording four critical swing characteristics: face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo and club path. With all that information, it can help you understand why you cut everything and improve your swing with practice.

The weighted swing trainer recreates an authentic impact sensation every time you swing, so it feels like you’re actually practicing with your clubs at home. The skill challenges provide useful drills for everyday golfers to work on their skills and you even get access to nearly 100 3D-rendered world famous courses and mini-games. That way you can use the skills you are learning and apply them in the game as you go along.

Take advantage of this extended Cyber ​​Monday deal and improve your off-season golf game. From now until November 30, you can download the TruGolf mini golf simulator for 20% off $249 for just $199.

Prices subject to change.

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