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Google goes after scammers this week… and other tech news for small businesses

by Ana Lopez
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Here are five things in technology that happened in the past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Google is hunting small business scammers.

This past week, Google shared information about the lawsuit against those small business scammers. According to the announcement, scammers impersonate the tech giant and then charge users to create a business profile, something Google offers for free. The scammers target small businesses through phone calls and also use websites with false negative and positive reviews to influence how businesses appear in search results and Maps results. (Source: Mashable)


Why this is important for your business:

Google is doing its best, but it’s also our responsibility to monitor our online presence. It’s a good idea to regularly check your business profile on Google and also set up Google Alerts about your business. I also subscribe to a reputation management platform so I know if there are any bad actors saying false things about me or my company.

2 – Amazon Web Services promotes customers on cloud savings and makes a big move to applications.

Adam Selipsky – CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – recently pitched for companies to go all in on their cloud technology, emphasizing that the company’s goals go far beyond core cloud functionality. Selipsky also introduced new cloud applications that allow AWS to compete effectively in similar industries in which its customers do business. (Source: GeekWire)

Why this is important for your business:

AWS is fast becoming the go-to destination for customers and other small businesses in my community to not only develop their own cloud applications, but also host existing legacy systems. The platform also offers its Think big for small businesses program that provides small and/or minority public sector organizations with access to business, technical and marketing support and cloud-based solutions and experience in government, aerospace, education and non-profit organizations around the world.


3 – What is the future of cybersecurity?

According to MIT Technology Review, the cybersecurity world should prepare for more hacks in the coming year. MIT Tech Review experts expect ransomware attacks on schools, hospitals, businesses and governments to continue and crypto to be a continued target. Experts also predict that Russia will continue its online attacks against Ukraine. (Source: MIT Technology Review)

Why this is important for your business:

No surprises and know that if you are attacked, your business could be closed for a long time. Train your employees to identify potential malicious emails, text messages and websites. Hire an IT company to make sure everyone is running the latest security software and upgrading their operating systems.

4 – Epson ditched lasers and went all in on inkjet.

Epson recently announced that it plans to stop producing laser printers by 2026. The company said the full transition of its printers to inkjet technology will allow them to reduce the energy used to manufacture and ship the printers. According to Epson, its inkjet printers use 85% less carbon dioxide and 85% less energy than laser printers. (Source: Technical Radar)


Why this is important for your business:

In the future, if you’re looking for an Epson laser printer and can’t find one, here’s why. They are a little slower, but not much. And inkjet printers have also become more cost-effective over time.

5 – 24% of banks plan to offer companies early access to pay programs.

According to recently released data, 24 percent of banks plan to offer programs that enable early access to wages. With 70 percent of banks already offering this benefit, employers are looking for ways to retain employees, and early access to wages is a proven method for employers to help improve employee financial well-being. Reports also show that 76 percent of financially stressed consumers would rather work for an employer who cares about their financial health. (Source: Pymnes)

Why this is important for your business:

This is an employee benefit that you should seriously consider. According to some studies as many as three in five people live from paycheck to paycheck. Allowing employees to access their pay in advance can make the difference between finding and keeping good people or losing them to another company that offers these kinds of benefits.


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