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George Clooney as Batman Rumors: DC Boss Tackles Clooney’s Batman Comeback Hints!

by Ana Lopez
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Despite the DCU entering a new era, there are numerous claims that the comic book property could resurrect actor George Clooney as Batman. Over the years, there have been plenty of artists donning capes and hoods in the DC Universe.

Later this year, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will both return to their respective Batman roles in The Flash. Could this open the door for another venerable actor to join them? The only movie George Clooney played the Dark Knight in was 1997’s Batman & Robin.

With an approval rating of just 12% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is widely regarded as one of the worst Batman films. After such a negative response from the critics, it would be unexpected to see Clooney return to his heroic role, but that’s exactly what the DC rumor mill is suggesting.

George Clooney as Batman Rumors
George Clooney as Batman Rumors

Will George Clooney return as Batman?

When industry insider Grace Randolph tweeted that a “former Batman” will make a brief appearance after The Flash and eventually become “the new permanent DCU Batman,” suspicions of George Clooney’s possible comeback to the DC Universe began circulating:

“I heard it will be a former Batman coming in at the end of The Flash and possibly sticking around as the new permanent DCU Batman.

Damian’s father, Pattinson is still solo.

i know who it is; but it wouldn’t be cool to reveal the whole thing.

Randolph’s post included a photo of three different Batmen, including Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney, indicating that one of those three actors will make a cameo appearance.

Batman-on-Film’s EIC Then Bill “Jett” Ramey answered viewer comments in his mailbag saying he believed the upcoming DC Universe movie The Brave and the Bold would feature an even “older version” of Batman.

To distinguish the actor from Robert Pattinson‘s current portrayal of the character, Jett assumed the actor would be in his “late 50s”:

“I think they’re going for an older take on Batman – older than he was in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (40) and ‘Batman v Superman’ (50). Late 50’s I guess. Why? Because they want a very different version of Batman in the DCU than the one in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” movies as played by Robert Pattinson. And since the Batman family already exists, Bruce is clearly getting older – and I’m fine with that.”

After promising to post further hints on social media, Jett then tweeted a photo of Clooney as Batman and Chris O’Donnell as Robin from the Batman & Robin movie.

Since then, countless other industry insiders have been giving signals that Clooney could reprise his role as Batman in the DC Extended Universe.

With a second quote tweet, MyTimeToShineHello shared a gif of Clooney holding a Batman action figure: “Before I tweeted, I had to make sure. right away.” CanWeGetSomeToast, a Marvel insider, also shared a photo of Clooney with the following caption:

“If I had a nickel for every time the DC movie universe had an older, established Batman and a Superman just starting his career, I’d have two nickels. That’s not much, but it’s weird that it happened twice.”

Clint Morris, an Australian publicist and producer, cast some doubt on this report by claiming that he spoke to an insider who “would DEF know” and “swears it’s not Clooney”, casting some doubt on the claim .

“On the subject of that The Flash finale cameo rumor today – that a former Batman is making a surprise appearance and then will be the permanent DC Batman – I had a zoom breakfast meeting today about a movie with someone (who would DEF know) who swear it’s not Clooney. No surprise.”

James Gunn, the head of DC Studios, later stated Twitter that they’re moving on with a “different actor” and that Clooney “definitely won’t” be the DCU’s new Batman director.

Read one of the articles below to learn more about fascinating series:

George Clooney Joins the Flash Team: Confirmed or Rumor?

Affleck, Keaton and other Batman actors are returning thanks to The Flash, but it would be the surprise of the century if Clooney joined them. Clooney’s appearance doesn’t seem out of the question though, given how The Flash explores time travel and the idea of ​​different realities and thus alternate Batmen.

Led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, the DC Universe is entering a new era. After The Flash, everything is essentially fresh, so anything is possible.

The Brave and the Bold, on the other hand, need a new Batman actor, Gunn has made clear. Therefore, it seems unlikely that Clooney will play Batman in anything other than a brief cameo in the DC Universe.

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