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Gabriella Ellyse Net Worth: A Lesson in Building Wealth and Achieving Success!

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Gabriella Ellyse, an American model, dentist and adult star, was born on April 15, 1994, making her 27 years old. The model Gabriella is gorgeous and has gained millions of followers on social media in just a few short years.

A porn star before she became a model, and now a social media star Gabriella is very open with her fans on social media about her personal life. She recently appeared on the adult entertainment website Onlyfans.

She has been captivating audiences on Onlyfans for years with her adult content. She also just shared her grief over waking up extremely drunk on the Onlyfans podcast while living in mid-February 2022.

She related a comic tragedy: the next morning at her friend’s house, when she woke up very drunk, she discovered Poop next to the sofa where she had slept very drunk.

She spoke, “so I lay down and then I look down and I’m like ‘holy s***, there’s s*** on the floor’.” She described that her friend’s chihuahua had a mess mat in the kitchen, but the sizes of the dumps differed noticeably. “That was weird, because there’s these little chihuahua stones, and on the side of the couch it was like a horse dump,” she said.

Gabriella Ellyse Net Worth
Gabriella Ellyse Net Worth
Full real name Gabriella Abutbol
Name Gabriel Ellys
Nickname Gabriel
Popular for Her social media content
Language English
Constellation Ram
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

Gabriella Ellyse Net Worth: How She Built Her Wealth?

According to data on Gabriella’s earnings, her Onlyfans account brings in $150,000 a month. She receives 75% of her earnings through her Onlyfans account. In addition, she receives large sums of money from Onlyfans for her pay-per-view programming.

In addition, she offers subscription services through Onlyfans. Subscribers must pay $10 for a month of service and $100 for an entire year. She currently has 104.7k likes on Onlyfans and has more than 400 media files. Since she signed up for Onlyfans, her life has changed and she must have a net worth of $1 million USD at the moment.

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The untold story of Gabriella Ellyse’s early years

The beautiful model was born on April 15, 1994, one year ago. In 2023, she will have reached the age of 29. Gabriella was born in the United States to American parents and comes from a typical American family. She’s not from a famous family.

Her zodiac sign, or birth sign, is Aries, as determined by her date of birth. She is an outgoing, confident young lady. Gabriella Abutbol is the woman’s full name or birth name. She is also known by her name Gabriel.

Ellyse grew up in California, where she was born. There she spent most of her childhood. When it comes to her early years, the model hasn’t been particularly outspoken. Gabriella has a strong educational foundation to say the least.

She graduated from high school and enrolled in a reputable institution. She has a degree in dentistry and even has some experience as a dentist. She later made the decision to change careers and entered the modeling and then the adult industry.

Gabriella Ellyse Career: How She Changed the Game

Since Ellyse doesn’t discuss her dental work very often, she must have been a dentist for a very short time. She started uploading her videos to the social media platform TikTok in 2015. She started sharing humorous content on the platform.

Due to her huge fanbase and social media reach, she switched careers after she became known and chose to become a social media influencer. She joined Instagram in 2018 and started working on photo shoots with numerous brands and companies. Gabriella has also performed in bikini photo shoots.

In addition to Instagram, Gabriella uses YouTube. 2018, she started a channel. She runs a business and owns an e-commerce platform store. co. She offers a variety of clothing in her web store.

Gabriella Ellyse Personal Life: From Struggle to Success

Gabriella has kept her parents’ names and personal information private in regards to her family. It is not known if the model is the only child of her parents or if she has any siblings. She recently shared a family vacation vlog in Michigan on her YouTube page.

Talking about her romantic relationship and extramarital affairs, Gabriella is currently a couple with her boyfriend Axel Hodges. Axel is a well-known social media personality.

He also competes professionally in motocross. The couple has been living together in the US since they started dating in 2018. Axel has over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, where he is also quite loved.

Interesting facts about Gabriella Ellyse

  • Gabriella’s dog name is Nixxon.
  • She usually takes her dog to the beach and even to parties.
  • She loves taking selfies of herself while wearing bikinis.
  • Gabriella also sometimes rides her boyfriend’s bicycle.
  • Her boyfriend takes care of her a lot.
  • She usually goes to the salon to get beauty treatments.
  • Gabriella likes cycling.
  • She likes to wear hats in the sunlight.
  • She promoted energy drink Bang through her Instagram account.
  • Gabriella also learned skateboarding.
  • About her clothes Instagram page Gea. co she has 11.5k subscribers.
  • Gabriella has 2.5 million followers on TikTok.
  • She sells products such as clothing, garments and training accessories on her Gea. co ecommerce website.

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