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Full Moon Features launches premium “Full Moon Horror Line” of collectible toys

by Ana Lopez
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For those who, like me, grew up watching Full Moon movies rented from the local video store, it should come as no surprise that the brand has always been strongly associated with toys. Launching classic franchises like Puppeteer (which currently has over ten movies and still counting) and also Demonic toys and many others, Charles Band and Full Moon brought more little toy monsters to life on TV screens than probably anyone in history.

Over the years, several attempts have been made to translate these devilish dolls and other devilish toys into actual toy shelves, where they seem to belong. From action figure lines in the days of yore to NECA’s recent ones Ultimate puppeteer series, there’s no shortage of ways for Full Moon fans to own a piece of the company’s massive production of deadly dolls.

Naturally, Full Moon started distributing these products itself on more than one occasion, launching Full Moon Toys in the 1990s, with Rick Phares as its executive vice president. Now Phares is back with the company, teaming up to bring to life a new line of high quality (and high price) replicas of some of the brand’s most famous creations, starting with a 1:1 scale replica of Baby Oopsie is due in March. The replica is cast from original props and equipped with real voice recordings of characters from the movie to create a “lifelike” doll that actually talks.

Baby Oopsie originally appeared as one of the main antagonists in Demonic toys back in 1992 and the fan favorite character has since appeared in their own series of feature films, starting in 2021. The new figure comes with a “birth certificate” signed by both Charles Band and Baby Oopsie director William Butler and retails for $299.95.

Perhaps even more exciting for hardcore Full Moon fans, however, this is just the first in a new series of full-size prop replica figures called the Full moon horror line. With a premium price, these new dolls promise to be made with the same attention to detail, so it’s just a matter of seeing what the next line rolls out…

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