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Fourth Hogwarts Legacy Trial: San Bakar and the Grapphorn

by Ana Lopez
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After completing the third trial, you finally meet the last guardian, San Bakar in Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Legacy. To reveal to you the secrets of powerful ancient magic, you must first pass the test.

Access to the final trial of San Bakar

Before you get to this fourth and final test, you’ll need to complete a number of priority missions during the Spring at Hogwarts.

Once the quest “The Loyalty of Logdok” is complete, return to the map room to report back. The final test takes place on the Cragcroft Coast. Join there with Fig. To open the thinking room, locate the vegetation in front of the circle on the ground and burn it. This will reveal a Grapcorne image.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

San Bakar

San Bakar is one of the four guardians. The tower, located in the northern swamp, has long been abandoned and is falling into disrepair. He is a Yemenite wizard who left his home community to study at Hogwarts when he realized his abilities. After his education he became a professor of magizoology. Calm, empathetic and generous, he has a gift with animals.

Defeat the Lord of the Shores and get Grapcorne’s horse

This event is completely different from the last three. No platforming puzzles or battling the Shadows of Death here. You will have to tame a real Grapcorne called The Lord of the Shores and bring him to the door. You will then have to place it on its designated base to open it. Enter the room to view the Brainbox memory. Then return to the map room.

Below we’ve prepared a guide devoted entirely to fighting the Lord of the Shores if the latter gives you a hard time.

Once the fourth trial is over, know that you’ll keep to assemble Gracorn! If you’re having trouble finding it, that’s normal: it’s not available in your loadout like the Hippogriff or the Thestral. You need to open the shortcut wheel with the plants and broom (L1 on PS5) and select the Grapcorne. Note: This is a mount that can only be used on land, but can be used in combat by attacking enemies.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

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