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End of Betrayal Explained: Everything You Need to Know About This Series!

by Ana Lopez
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End of betrayal explained

Betrayal is the crime of assault a state authority to which one owes allegiance.

This generally includes acts such as participating in a war against one’s homeland, attempting to do so overthrow her government, spying on his army, diplomats or secret services for a hostile and foreign power, or attempting to assassinate his head of state. A traitor is someone who commits treason.

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End of betrayal explained

The fifth and final installment of the series introduces a major twist. When Adam used one of the many confidential files he had on him blackmail important political figures in the game after their election, Audrey Alex Kingston’s hopes of becoming the new Prime Minister seemed dashed. Adam had disclosed sensitive information about her.

End of betrayal explained

Adam sees this as one chance to finally clearing his name after being falsely accused of playing both sides, only to have Angelis remove him from the board.

He convinces his wife, Maddy, to contact Audrey and expose Angelis’s true nature, while promising her that they will retrieve the hard truth. disk contains all files in exchange for their family’s immunity. Maddy eventually convinces her after some effort, while Adam and Kara continue their mission to find Olamide and get the files.

As the two team up to ambush Angelis’s operation, he also recruits Dede from the CIA as he sells Adam’s false image. Kara kills Olamide during the ambush and Maddy arrives to help them in the meantime.

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She takes over the ride from another employee, but Dede has the upper hand when she corners Adam. She offers Maddy the chance to do just that trade the files for Adam’s life, but the crossfire ends bloody when Dede shoots him. Kara stops herself from running to her husband as he takes his last breath.

Moreover, Kara learns that while searching for the driver MI6 suspects Adam that he was a double agent named Dorian, who was also responsible for killing all of Kara’s men during their mission in Baku.

End of betrayal explained

She, on the other hand, knows that Adam is not the man she is looking for because he was with her when Dorian attacked all of her people; she later explains this to Maddy as well. Angelis exacerbates the situation by telling the rest of the story MI6 team that Kara killed Adam instead of Dede.

While Maddy is still reeling from her husband’s death, calls Audrey to inquire her that the files have been secured and to inform her of Adam’s death.

Audrey, on the other hand, forces her blood boils by insisting on sending the files back to Angelis, despite the fact that they’ve already caused a lot of trouble.

Betrayal trailer

The episode summary

Betrayal went so well before Episode 5. But the ending ruined everything that preceded it. Patrick’s transformation into Dorian was tedious.

There was no explanation for how it happened or why he was motivated to do so. There are no flashbacks showing how he actually betrayed the country.

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Even though they killed Ada, what a bold move, they didn’t provide enough closure for his family’s grief. In the end, it all felt very emotionless.

End of betrayal explained

Malik felt utterly exhausted and, in the end, he was just one of the writers’ unintentional red herrings. Everything also felt a bit conveniently placed, and the fears expressed after the first half of episode 4 were realized: betrayal is mediocre at best.

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