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Elon Musk’s “Crazy Stalker” is an Uber Eats driver

by Ana Lopez
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The identity of the man Elon Musk called a “mad stalker” has been revealed.

According to a report in the Washington Posttis the mysterious hooded man Brandon Collado, an Uber Eats driver in the Los Angeles area.

Collado reportedly confronted Musk’s security detail at a gas station in South Pasadena, blocked Musk’s car, then jumped on the hood. Musk was not in the vehicle, but his son X was, prompting the billionaire to post alarming videos of the incident on Twitter.

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The Post said Collado drove a Hyundai Elantra he rented from the car-sharing app Turo. He provided the newspaper with a video he took of Musk’s security guard that matched the one Musk posted on Twitter — only from the reverse perspective.

Bizarre claims

As if this story wasn’t disturbing enough, Collado made some truly bizarre claims The mail about his actions that night.

He said that “Musk was monitoring his real-time location; and that Musk could monitor Uber Eats to prevent him from receiving delivery orders.”

He also claimed that Grimes, Musk’s ex-girlfriend and mother of two of his children, sent him encrypted messages through her Instagram posts. Grimes lives in Pasadena, near where the incident took place.

At press time, the LAPD had not arrested Collado, but said in a statement that its Threat Management Unit had been in contact with Musk’s representatives and security team.

Musk has not commented on the latest development.

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