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Duxbury’s mother is accused of killing three children with an exercise band

by Ana Lopez
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A Massachusetts prosecutor alleged that a mother used exercise bands to strangle and kill her three small children before attempting suicide.

According to our sister station WFXT, Lindsay Clancy, 32, is currently being treated at a Boston hospital but has been charged with murder, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, strangulation or asphyxiation, and the deaths of her daughters Cora, 5, Dawson, 3 , and Callan, 8 months.

After killing her children on Jan. 24, Clancy jumped from a second-story window of the family home, according to Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague.

Due to her injuries, Clancy attended her appointment via video call. Her lawyer claimed that as a result of her jump from the window and several spinal fractures, she is now paralyzed.

Clancy took her eldest to a doctor’s visit, according to Sprague, who testified in court that there were no issues with the mother’s behavior or attitude. Clancy then went back home and played in the snow with Cora and Dawson before going inside to get a takeout order, according to WFXT.

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Sprague claimed that Clancy calculated the time it took to get the food and texted her husband, who worked from home, to get the order. Sprague claimed Clancy killed the kids in the basement of the house with exercise bands while on his way to pick up the food.

It was too quiet when her husband returned with dinner, and he saw blood on the floor close to an open window. He called 911 and while speaking to the dispatcher, he discovered that his wife had injuries to her neck and wrists. According to WFXT, she admitted to him that she jumped out the window.

According to Sprague, her husband first asked, “What have you done?” before asking where the kids were. Sprague said in court that Clancy allegedly told her husband they were “in the basement” and that “she knew what she had done.”

Sprague claims that upon discovering the children were still wearing the bands around their necks, Clancy’s husband could be heard on the 911 call “screaming in fear and shock”.

Before removing the tapes and trying to let the children breathe, the man exclaimed, according to Sprague, “She killed the babies!” WFXT reported. Callan died a few days after Cora and Dawson were pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to Sprague, Clancy described her actions in the days before the murders and showed no symptoms of hallucinations or delusions. Clancy admitted in a January 23 letter that she had a “bit of postpartum anxiety” and had previously admitted to a hospital on January 1.

However, she departed on 5 January. She also kept track of the medications she took, noting that three of them were causing her problems at the time of her children’s deaths.

Kevin Reddington, Clancy’s counsel, said she had taken several drugs prior to the murders, including Prozac, Ativan, Benadryl, Seroquel, Amitriptyline and Trazodone.

Reddington testified in court that his client’s mental state was deteriorating and that the drugs had “thoroughly ruined” her. She allegedly told her husband that she was considering suicide. “This is in no way a situation that was planned. This is a situation that is clearly the result of a mental illness,”

Reddington added that postpartum depression is not treated for women in society at the hearing. Reddington reportedly remarked in court, “It’s medicinal, medicinal, medicinal,” according to WFXT.

Clancy was ordered to remain in hospital under police protection until further notice. She will appear in court again in May.

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