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Dori Monson passed away at the age of 61

by Ana Lopez
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Dori Monson, a well-known long-serving Seattle radio announcer, died on Saturday, December 31, 2022. Dori was just 61 years old when she died, according to KIRO Newsradio. According to the article:

“The KIRO Newsradio family and Bonneville International Corporation, along with Dori Monson’s immediate family, are extremely saddened to report Dori’s unexpected death Saturday night at a Seattle hospital.”

According to KIRO Newsradio, Monson has been battling health issues for several years. He also suffered a heart attack on Thursday, December 29, 2022 and ended up in hospital as a result. KIRO Newsradio described the radio personality as a “longtime monitor of government and social concerns”, adding:

Dori was recognized by his numerous listeners as a youth from Ballard’s “bad neighborhoods.”

Dori Monson was known for her coverage of social and political concerns.

Dori Monson began working in radio after graduating from the University of Washington, and his career spanned four decades. He spoke about social problems and politics, and his work was well received by the public. Many friends, colleagues and listeners paid tribute to the radio personality after learning of his death. KTHH Radio’s Jason Rantz tweeted:

“I am completely stunned by the death of Dori Monson. Nothing a tweet — or a book — can say adequately describes his influence on our city, our radio stations, and our lives. He was not only an inspiration to me, but also a friend. He will be missed.”

Dori Monson

Cathy Cangiano, Senior Vice President and Market Manager of Bonneville Seattle, also issued a statement:

“Like Dori’s family, we are devastated by his death. We are working on on-air tributes to remember and honor his life and legacy.”

Dori was also praised by the organization as a “man of great faith and a staunch supporter of girls’ sports for over 25 years.” This is because Monson led the girls’ basketball team at Shorecrest High School to its first state championship. While friends and family believe Monson had a few health issues, he continued to enjoy his life as he enjoyed deep-sea fishing with colleagues and playing pickleball with his family.

Dori Monson

His colleagues considered him a loving husband and father, who left behind a wife and three adult children. However, his dedication to his profession is evidenced by the fact that on December 30, 2022, he tweeted about social concerns from his hospital bed. So far, the family has not provided any information about the funeral or upcoming events.

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