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Dave Hollis Girlfriend: The sweet and simple love story of Dave and his girlfriend!

by Ana Lopez
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Former Disney executive Dave Hollis passed away suddenly at his home in Austin on Saturday, February 11, according to a representative of his family. The cause of death has not been disclosed at this time.

Dave worked on many fruitful initiatives at Disney, including the revival of the Star Wars series and the release of multiple Marvel movies. His partner Heidi Powell, whom he met in 2020, is the last surviving relative of the podcast host and published novelist.

Dave Hollis girlfriend
Heidi Powell

Who is Heidi Powell?

Fitness instructor, personal coach and media personality Heidi is 40 years old. She was born on March 28, 1982 in Flagstaff, Arizona. According to her personal blog, she and her ex-husband Chris Powell became known online after the introduction of the digital platform Transform with Chris and Heidi.

She made regular appearances on the ABC program Extreme Weight Loss as a result of the platform’s success, and she has also made appearances on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show.

According to Heidi’s blog, she broadened her portfolio by introducing personal development classes that “use her inside-out methodology developed over the last two decades of expertise.”

As the co-author of the New York Times best-selling book Choose More Lose More, for Life, Heidi is also a published author.

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Heidi and Dave met in 2020

Dave and Heidi first connected in 2020 after he asked her to be a guest on his podcast show. Both were in divorce proceedings with their ex-spouses at the time. In an Instagram post, Dave said, “She listened the first time we met and shared and normalized the experience and feelings I was going through, but we never turned on the mics because I was still a bit of a disaster.”

Then they started texting and calling before Dave had the guts to ask Heidi out to dinner. Dave said in the article, ‘It was that early stage where you don’t know who you are or what you’re doing. I mean, I hadn’t been on a date in 20 years, and when she walked in, I wasn’t quite sure if it was. So for about three hours we chatted on this couch.

Dave Hollis girlfriend: relationship with Rachel Hollis

For nearly two decades, Dave Holis and Rachel Hollis were married. The previous couple had a nice family of six, including their four children. In the early 2000s, the former Disney Distribution Executive met his ex-wife, Rachel, in Los Angeles. The couple instantly fell in love and dated for almost two years before getting married in 2004.

The Hollis couple founded their business while married. They started a joint podcast called “Rise Together” where they discussed their happy marriage in depth. Together, the couple was content and joyful. At least they fooled the public. Because of this, everyone was stunned when they announced their divorce in June 2020.

Even though many people who closely followed the Hollis family would have thought the divorce had just happened, it was undoubtedly in the works for a while before the announcement was posted on Instagram.

For a very long time, the couple did not think about their broken marriage. A fitness blogger named Heidi Powell is said to have been Dave Hollis’ first love. However, Rachel was also in a relationship with someone else, whose name was kept secret.

Dave Hollis Kids with his ex-wife, Rachel Hollis

The couple enjoyed a beautiful marriage. They had three sons and a girl was adopted. The couple’s sons are Ford Hollis, Jackson Hollis, and Sawyer Hollis. The former lovers longed for a daughter after the birth of their third son, Ford. So they started the adoption process in 2012. They planned to adopt a girl from Ethiopia, according to a blog post by Rachel from 2014.

Although they completed the required paperwork, medical exams and one more test, the Ethiopian system took a long time. After waiting more than three years, they decided to adopt domestically. But it was also difficult. The couple had to be foster parents with a license and a minimum six-month commitment to foster care to qualify for domestic adoption.

The couple cared for two daughters, according to Rachel’s 2016 blog post, but they had to return them to another foster family. Soon after, Rachel and Dave received the remaining newborn twins from the hospital. The Hollis couple returned the twins to their original parents four weeks after giving birth in their home, despite appearing to be able to adopt the children.

The couple was finally approved to adopt a baby girl named Noah Hollis in March 2017. Noah’s adoption was completed in January 2018.

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