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Danielle from NewJeans is now Burberry’s global ambassador

by Ana Lopez
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Danielle of NewJeans joined the family of Burberry global ambassadors on January 6, 2023, according to ADOR. The agency also shared photos from Danielle’s photo shoot, in which she donned a flannel top, pants and a black bag from Burberry’s upcoming spring/summer collection. The new female trio, which debuted in August, is a crowd pleaser. With only six songs published, the sisters have taken the internet by storm with their compelling music and creative themes.

Due to their growing popularity, many premium companies have identified the qualities they look for in NewJeans members to serve as global ambassadors. With Danielle becoming a Burberry brand ambassador, three of the five NewJeans members now represent premium fashion companies. Hyein joined the Louis Vuitton family as a global ambassador last month, while Hanni became a Gucci ambassador in October.


Fans are ecstatic that NewJeans’ Danielle has been named a Burberry brand ambassador.

Fans have been giving NewJeans’ Danielle love and support since her appointment as Burberry’s newest global ambassador. Considering it’s been less than a year since its debut, fans are overjoyed at the many achievements of the group and its members. In addition, Danielle represents Burberry as a global brand ambassador, which is an impressive move for a rookie idol.

Many NewJeans fans feel that Danielle is the best match for the post of Burberry’s global ambassador, and they have reason to believe so. The idol has always had a thing for the premium fashion label, from wearing many of their items to visiting their pop-ups. Furthermore, it is believed that the Burberry look suits Danielle best.

OMG, the newest issue of NewJeans, has received a lot of attention.

NewJeans’ OMG, again offering a new and exciting idea, has caught the attention of many people with its music video. Despite the happy rhythms, the song takes a sad turn in the background of a psychiatric center. It tries to convey the idea that idols in general, especially younger ones, don’t really understand or know themselves as their actions are shaped and built by the spectators.


The trio also wants to make it clear that being a K-pop star has consequences. Constantly being in the spotlight and being observed and judged every minute of their lives puts their mental health at risk. With NewJeans’ Hanni contributing directly to the song’s composition, it goes on to discuss the difficulties the ladies must experience given their meteoric rise to fame, which isn’t always all rainbows and unicorns.

Fans worry about going through this at such a young age and in such a new company, but they also love watching them garner accolades, awards and positive public attention. With the confirmation of NewJeans’ Danielle as Burberry’s global ambassador, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcements of Minji and Haerin as Chanel and Dior ambassadors, respectively.

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