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Creating eye-catching messages to attract ‘ready-made’ consulting clients

by Ana Lopez
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Hanna Fitz is an international brand strategist/business coach and founder of the brand atelier at hannafitz. com and CEO of Cultured Life.

There’s a lot of noise and I’ve found that the key to being heard isn’t necessarily to do more, say more, or even speak louder. As Rumi so eloquently put it: “Raise your words, not your voice. It is the rain that makes flowers grow, not the thunder.” So how do you make it rain so that more customers buy from you?

Language is power, and every major brand has invested both time and money to ensure they have clear language that takes their message to the next level. They understand that it’s not what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference in the world of customer attraction and marketing.

As a brand strategist, I think Rolls-Royce is one of the best storytelling brands in the world. I’ve noticed that they combine philosophy and sensuality to create powerful associations between their cars and things that are considered separate or extraordinary on Earth. An advertisement, for example, correlates the characteristics of a Siamese fighting fish to say that their car is “one of one.” The market understands that Rolls Royce cars are rare, unique and beautiful. Their ideal customers agree and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for their car.

The brand has a strong command of its true identity – its ‘it factor’ – and leverages this to consistently create powerful messages that drive demand for its rare and high-priced cars. The brand has meaning, and that meaning makes it more than a car. As an analytical psychologist, Carl Jung wrote: “As far as we can distinguish., the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” I believe this is the key to a more engaging brand.

Think bigger than just the product or service.

You must first move your offering and your message from just about a product or service to creating meaning that sparks a light in your customer and makes them associate your brand with something more – something no other brand can fulfill. This goes beyond the superficial elements of beautifully designed brochures, websites and Instagram feeds. It requires an understanding of what your brand really means. Connect to your real brand identity and link it to your image, products and customer experience.

When your brand means more, you can earn more. When trying to attract high-quality customers online, I recommend starting by trying to tap into your subconscious. Dr. Carl Jung, through his work with his patients, discovered universal symbols and images that emerged from what he called the “collective unconscious.” These universal symbols and images create a filter through which we find meaning and express ourselves in the world. He called these images and symbols “archetypes.”

For years I’ve noticed that many leading brands use archetypal structures to give meaning to their message and products, so they can reach the most powerful part of our brain that makes decisions and drives action, ‘the subconscious’.

Some typical archetypes I’ve observed are the “explorer” used by brands like Jeep or the “girl next door” at Levis. I think Nike is known as a ‘hero brand’ – even the name Nike comes from Greek goddess of victory. Archetypes enable brands to tell a more consistent story that resonates with the unconscious personality of their ideal customers.

Create a deeper connection.

When people only make rational or logical decisions, there is no deeper connection to the product or service than the function. So if you want to sell quality services, it’s important to tap into the subconscious mind and align the archetypal nature of your brand – what I call your brand’s “it factor” – with the dominant nature of your ideal customer . When the archetypes align, I’ve found it to be like a soul mate. There is no other option that will satisfy your customer like your brand.

Make sure your posts and images are powerful and stand out from the crowd with your ideal customers. It’s more about boosting your brand’s energy so that it draws customers to you, rather than trying to prove why your brand should be chosen. I call this your “power station presence.” It’s not a physical thing. It is a vibrational alignment powerfully communicated through an archetypal lens that makes your ideal client feel motivated, inspired, moved and transformed.

Focusing only on the superficial aspects of your brand might get you some attention, but it’s those powerful archetypal structures that can help you get paying customers who feel deeply connected to the meaning you bring to their lives and to the world gives.

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