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Cody Longo Net Worth: A loving husband and father forever remembered!

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American actor and singer Cody A. Longo was from Denver, Colorado. In the Nickelodeon series Hollywood Heights, he played the title character Eddie Duran, for which he is best known. He started his solo music career in 2012 with the release of his first single.

Cody Longo net worth
Cody Longo net worth

Cody Longo net worth

One of the most famous American TV actors and prominent figures on various platforms was Cody Longo. Cody Longo had a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death. His main source of income was as a TV actor, but he also earned money from other sources.

Cody Longo early life

Longo was born and raised in Littleton, a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Longo learned to play the piano at a young age by teaching himself as he comes from a family of artists and musicians.

Besides performing and studying theatre, he also started his acting career at a young age. At the Denver Performing Arts Academy, Longo performed as Danny in Grease and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet.

Longo came to Los Angeles, California after finishing high school to pursue performing. There he also completed his studies in theater and psychology.

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Cody Longo Career: From the Stage to the Screen

Cody Longo started acting in 2006 and in 2009 the film adaptation of Fame gave him his big break. He appeared in 8 Days of Our Lives episodes as an adult Nikki Alamain in 2011. In addition, he received the lead role of Eddie Duran in the Hollywood Heights drama for Nick at Nite and Teen Nick.

Later, he continued to act in movies and TV shows but shifted his focus to music. Cody Longo’s song “She Said” entered the Billboard Top 100 in 2014. In addition, he had performed in other projects, including Hollywood Heights, as a musician and music supervisor.

Cody Longo leaves behind a devoted wife and three children

Cody Longo had been married to Stephanie Clark, a dance instructor and choreographer, since October 2015 when he died. The couple have three young children together: Lyla (age 7), Elijah (age 5) and Noah (age 3). (19 months).

Stephanie regularly posted images of their family life on Instagram. She shared a number of photos and videos on Valentine’s Day 2022, including adorable images of her husband holding Noah and posing with Lyla during a dance performance.

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