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Code 316719 Diablo 4: What to do about this open beta bug?

by Ana Lopez
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The open beta weekend launches on Diablo 4 and with it its share of trouble. Testing Phase and Multiplayer Servers Required… Of course, we didn’t expect this second wave of early access to go smoothly. These are the bugs you’ll most often encounter from March 24-27.

Error code 316719

This is the most common error: a dialog opens when you try to join the game and displays “An error has occurred (code 316719). Players also describe missing characters, relays that have stopped working, or invisible NPCs.

  • Error code 316719
  • Problem : Impossible to join a game with an existing character or even by creating a new character. If you are in the game, you may suddenly lose connection.
  • Solution : You must also close Diablo 4 and Battle.net properly (via the game’s menu and by completely closing the launcher). Don’t hesitate to reboot the PC or the console and then launch Battle.net and the game again.
  • Risk : you will have to completely redo the two queues (the one that arrives in the game and the one after you click on your character).

Unfortunately, the Blizzard team has not communicated about this bug. It seems to be caused by server overload.

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Performance and fps drop

Performance optimization is still in development. You may run into some frame rate issues depending on the machine used. If your game jerks strongly with a computer that is not that old, you should try adjusting the following parameters:

  • Make sure your drivers are up to date of course and close any background software that could be degrading your machine’s performance (even web pages or Discord for example),
  • In the game’s “graphics” settings, choose to put yourself in full screen and not windows,
  • Make sure the resolution is the same as your main screen,
  • In the “performance” sub-tab, adjust the maximum fps to match the refresh rate of your screen (usually 120 hertz).

And if your machine meets the minimum configurations needed to play Diablo 4, don’t hesitate to significantly lower the textures and other visuals in the settings. This necessarily makes the game less beautiful but more fluid.

Other bugs

  • Game connection lost (error code 316703): you need to completely restart the game as in error 316719 and run the queue again,
  • (Code 300006 and 300008): connection problem. Restart the game.
  • One of the introductory cutscenes can your game freeze. Don’t hesitate to skip it (using Esc) if this is the case when you reboot.
  • In-game voice chat functionality is not stable,
  • All dialogues have not yet been translated into French,
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