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Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch split after less than a year of dating

by Ana Lopez
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Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch are separating. This comes just eight months after they were first romantically linked. ET found out about the breakup via a source on Wednesday.

The source says, “Camila and Austin have broken up,” adding that the breakup was announced on Lox Club, Kevitch’s private dating site.

“It was announced in a Lox Club newsletter that Austin is single again,” the source adds.

A source says the couple broke up because it was too hard for them to balance their relationship with their work schedules.

Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch are separating
Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch are separating

The source says, “There’s no bad blood between them and they’re both just really busy in their careers.”

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ET has asked Cabello’s team for their opinion.

The “Havana” singer and the co-founder of Lox Club were first spotted together in June, leading people to believe they were dating.

At the time, a source told ET that the two met through mutual friends, and “they went out and had fun together.”

They’ve been spotted together on multiple occasions since then, including at a Los Angeles luncheon in August where the new couple showed off a lot of PDA.

A source previously told ET, “Austin and Camila have been seeing and dating. They are having a great time together and really like each other. They are both funny and creative. Everything is going great.”

The last time the two were seen together was in November.

This was Cabello’s first relationship since she split from Shawn Mendes in November 2021 after they had been together for over two years. At the time, they issued a joint statement confirming the news.

“Shawn and Camila’s breakup was mutual,” a source told ET at the time. “They realized they are in completely different places in their lives right now, and it was time to end things. They are both sad about the breakup, but are doing their best to take care of themselves, keep busy and surround themselves with loved ones.”

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