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Broom Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock All Upgrades With Broom Races?

by Ana Lopez
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The hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy is not for now: you’ll have to wait before you can replace your trusty broom on your journey to Hogwarts, but the discovery of fantastic animals is well worth the wait. And then your trusty wooden steed, like your magic wand, can be personalized, provided you have a lot of money (empty some chests if that’s a problem): there’s nothing better to show off in front of the other students showing off from the school your antique uniform.

Why do broom races on the map?

Broom races are the only way to upgrade this mount. By linking the races, new improvements will be available in Bobalais in Hogsmeade. Completing all the challenges on the map will also allow you to complete one of the many trophies in the game, so this is a mandatory step if you want to complete the game 100%. The principle is simple, all you have to do is go through all the rings of a track and beat Imelda’s best time on each track to win a stage of this red thread quest.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

First broom lesson

Once you’ve unlocked the map room, you’ll be able to access your first broom lesson and meet Professor Kogawa, who will then give you assignments that will give you access to new spells. Once this little introduction to flying is over, you’ll have the chance to go and buy your first broom in the small town of Hogsmeade. It is also in this small shop that the red thread of the broom races is activated and then returns to the Quidditch field to complete the challenges.

All about broom racing missions

Quest 1: Imelda at Hogwarts

Just go to Imelda on the Quidditch pitch. To make sure you set the best time, make sure you go through the light circles and don’t miss any rings or you’ll get a 3 second penalty. The time to beat is 2:20.

  • Improvement : Acceleration for 1000 galleons

Quest 2: Fly over the competition

You must have passed the Helm of Urtkot main quest to try it. Then go chat with Imelda in Irondale, south of Hogwarts. Once the quest is complete, Weekes will contact you again to offer you the second upgrade. The time to beat is 2:26.

  • Improvement : Improves acceleration and speed for 4000 Galleons

Quest 3: Between Heaven and Earth

The final trial version of Imelda is available in the far south of the map, but to unlock it you’ll need to progress to a certain point in the main story. This is clearly the hardest of the races and you will have to reach the 02:42 to get the victory.

  • Improvement : The final broom upgrade costs 7500 Galleons.
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

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