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Brian Kelly files for divorce from wife of 28 years in Baton Rouge

by Ana Lopez
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LSU football coach Brian Kelly filed for divorce from his wife Francisca Craig Kelly in East Baton Rouge Parish Family Court on Feb. 6, according to a divorce filing obtained by Tiger Rag.

Francisca Kelly, who will turn 57 on February 9, 2023, is named as the “defendant” in the divorce petition. Kelly, who is 61, is listed as the “petitioner”. Francisca and Kelly will physically separate on February 9, 2023 and “will live separate and separate lives without reconciliation,” according to Kelly’s divorce filing.

On July 2, 1994, Brian and Francisca Kelly exchanged vows. There are no minors among their three children. Kelly’s divorce case further alleges that his union with Franscisca was not a covenant.

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A covenant marriage is an agreement in which the betrothed parties acknowledge their commitment to their union for the rest of their lives. However, it allows for divorce in limited circumstances.

Kelly asked the court to grant Francisca a no-bond restraining order over fears she would sell or otherwise encumber the couple’s assets, which the petition said could cause irreparable harm to Kelly.

Brian Kelly recently finished his first season as head football coach at LSU, where he was awarded a guaranteed 10-year contract worth nearly $100 million. According to the divorce filing, Kelly is filing for divorce and filing an appeal Articles 102 and 103.1 of the Louisiana Civil Code in his request.

According to Article 102, the divorce cannot be granted until you and your spouse have lived separately for 180 days at different addresses. You and your spouse must have been living separately at different addresses in accordance with Article 103(1) for 180 days prior to filing for divorce.

Brian Kelly files for divorce
Brian Kelly files for divorce

Kelly also asks for exclusive ownership and use of the home they purchased in Baton Rouge on Lakeshore Drive. Shortly after moving to Baton Rouge, the Kelly family purchased the home. LSU hired Kelly on November 30, 2021.

Living apart is generally the basis for divorce in Louisiana because: if there are no minor children, 180 days (children under 18) If there are minor children, 365 days (children under 18).

if you have a ‘covenant marriage’ and meet the other conditions, two years. State community property laws apply in Louisiana. This means that in a divorce all matrimonial assets are often divided equally. However, there are some exclusions, such as a legitimate prenuptial agreement, that can change the division of assets between the parties.

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In addition, one’s right to a certain amount of shared property is not impaired by infidelity or other “poor” acts. In addition, even if one can prove that their spouse had an affair, they are not entitled to additional spousal support, child support or custody rights.

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