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Blue Lock Episode 17 Release Date: Spoilers, Cast, Trailer and Where to Watch?

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Blue Lock Episode 17 Release Date

Eight Bit came up with the Blue Lock series. It shows how Yoichi Isagi, an unnamed high school football player who disagrees about how he plays, joins the Blue Lock program to become the world’s best, most arrogant striker. Yoichi accepts the challenge and with the help of his friends and Jinpachi Ego, fight against strong opponents.

In the last episode, we saw that Isagi wants to know more about Barou so they can use him in their plays. Meanwhile, Anri tells the Japan Football Association about Blue Lock’s next selection round. If you’re also watching Blue Lock and looking forward to Episode 17, we’ve got you covered.

When will Blue Lock Episode 17 be available?

Blue lock Episode 17 will be released on Saturday 4 February in the United States. The episode will be released in Japan on February 5 at 1:30 AM JST. Crunchyroll simulcasts the series for international viewers. The episode will be available with English subtitles two and a half hours after it is released in Japan. That would be at the following times on Saturdays in the United States:

Blue Lock Episode 17 Release Date

  • Pacific Daylight Savings Time -9:30 a.m., Feb 04, 2023
  • Central Daylight Savings Time – 11:30am, February 04, 2023
  • Indian Standard Time – 10:00 AM, Feb 04, 2023
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 12:30 AM, Feb 04, 2023
  • Philippine Time – 00:30 AM, February 04, 2023
  • Central Daylight Savings Time – 6:30 AM, 048 February 2023
  • UK Summer Time – 5:30am, 04 February 2023
  • Blue Lock Episode 17: Spoilers

Blue Lock episode 17 picks up where the last chapter ended, as Isagi watched as his opponents used their speed, strength, and tactical expertise to create a nice balance between their team members. Chigiri, Kunigami and Reo are all willing to work together, allowing them to deliver a flawless performance.

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In contrast, Isagi and the rest can only win if Nagi and Barou perform admirably on their own. They will have to work hardbecause they can’t play together. Meanwhile, Isagi will explore how his opponents’ teams work together and how his allies play individually.

He will then learn new methods to wield his own “weapons” and grow. According to the teaser, Isagi will use Nagi or Barou’s weapons to further his own cause. Nagi and Isagi already have a good relationship. With Barou refusing to cooperate with him, all indicators lead to Isagi taking advantage of him.

As a result, in the next episode, the soccer field will be a location where people’s egos collide, as Isagi will create a wave of further evolution by deploying his weapons as effectively as possible.

Blue Lock Episode 17 Release Date

Reo can also try to take down Isagi and Nagi in this episode because he felt betrayed when Nagi left him for someone else. With a golden opportunity ahead of him, Reo will try to ensure that neither Isagi nor Nagi perform as well as they could.

Blue Lock’s voice cast and character information

Blue Lock’s characters are all fantastic and their voice acting is all excellent. Perhaps a few new characters will be introduced in the upcoming episodes. Here are some details about the Blue Lock characters and their voice actors.

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  • Yoichi Isagi, who is voiced by Kazuki Ura in Japanese
  • Meguru Bachira Voice actor is Tasuku Kaito in Japanese
  • Rensuke Kunigami is voiced by Yuki Ono in Japanese
  • Masatomo Nakazawa has voiced the character Wataru Kuon
  • Soma Saito voices Hyōma Chigiri

Where can you watch Blue Lock?

Blue Lock is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes are there in season 1 of Blue Lock?

The first season of Blue Lock will consist of 24 episodes.

What is the genre of the Blue Lock Anime series?

Blue Lock is an anime that falls into the sports and suspense genres.

Is Blue Lock Manga or Light Novel Finished?

No, the Blue Lock Manga series is not finished and if you want to read the Manga series online, it is published by Kodansha. Manga print copies are available on Amazon.

Which studios produced the blue slot?

Created by 8bit Studios in blue.

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