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Bloodlands season 3: has it been cancelled, extended on BBC One?

by Ana Lopez
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Is BBC One planning to revive Bloodlands for a third season? You might be interested in what happens after tonight’s Season 2 finale. Of course, we should start by stating the obvious: for now, nothing on this subject is completely official.

However, we expect to hear more than anything else in the coming months. Thanks to the realistic writing and talented cast, interest in more of the series will continue. Moreover, we believe that the second season shows that this program is more than just a one-off experiment.

bloodland season 3
bloodland season 3

The potential for commercial success, we believe, is also there for its resurgence. Now that we’ve covered everything, let’s tell you again that Bloodlands is not a certainty, mainly because BBC shows of this caliber are rare. Rather than simply buying another season, the focus is usually more on the story.

The network can bring it back if they come up with another idea. Otherwise, they like to leave things as they are. There are many excellent programs that are discontinued simply because there is no compelling reason to continue them.

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Now we’re inclined to believe we could see it sometime between late 2023 and early 2024, assuming another season is authorized. We don’t believe the BBC will be overly eager to push things forward in this regard, nor do we think they will impose a set number of episodes.

although season 2 was longer than season 1, there is no guarantee that a third season would maintain the current six-episode structure. For now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed for more fantastic content in the near future.

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