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Bailey Vivid Death: Bobby Vivid’s daughter leaves a heartfelt effect!

by Ana Lopez
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Bailey Lentz, a 16-year-old student at Connellsville High School in Pennsylvania, was reported killed in a hit and run on Sunday, February 5, 2023. Bobby Vivid is a TikTok celebrity. Bobby, who is heard saying, “The news was confirmed in a TikTok video,” stated:

“I don’t know how to do this… Everyone loved Bailey, and she’s not with us anymore”

To explain what had happened, Adam, Bobby Vivid’s brother, posted a follow-up video to the influencer’s TikTok account. He said that Bobby was taking a sabbatical and that Bailey had died in a terrible accident. He went on to say that there were rumors that the perpetrator had been caught.

According to Observer-Reporter, a Canadian man named Mark Lucic has reportedly been taken into custody.

Numerous GoFundMe sites have been created by friends of the bereaved to help them through this difficult time. The first was hosted by Megan Harrier on behalf of Bailey’s mother, Danielle Lentz. She said the 16-year-old has her whole life ahead of her in the image.

At the time of writing this post, the page had collected almost $4000 in donations. Jordan Jones set up another, stating that the money would be used to “relieve financial obligations” and pay for Bailey’s funeral. More than $19,000 has been raised through the page.

Bailey lively death
Bailey lively death

Bobby Vivid and loved ones pay tribute to daughter

Internet users were shocked to learn of Bailey’s death. They expressed their condolences to the bereaved on TikTok and said that Bobby had lost his best friend. Some claimed that leaving her unaided was “callous and irresponsible” on the part of the driver.

They said the influencer should take as much time as he needs to heal, pointing out that he must be struggling and in a lot of pain.

Bobby Vivid is a popular TikTok user who is known for his dancing and lip-sync videos, especially those of his kid. The 24-year-old influencer has more than 18 million views on all of his videos and 850,000 followers.

Unconfirmed sources claim the 16-year-old was hit by a car that reportedly had a stop sign on it as she crossed the street. She was fatally injured and died before being taken to hospital.

That’s all we know about Bailey Vivid Death, hope you like it. Stay tuned with ledaily.com for more celebrity news and gossip.

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