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“Bachelor in Paradise” star Jill Chin and Jacob Rapini have announced their split

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Jill Chin and Jacob Rapini, another Bachelor in Paradise couple, have called it quits. Jill co-hosted the Bachelor Nation podcast Click Bait with Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker on Thursday, December 1, 2022. She explained that she broke up with Jacob after their brief relationship following the reconnection. Jill and Jacob clicked on their one-on-one date on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. The ex-couple hit it off until the Split Week surprise when Jacob befriended newbie Kate Gallivan while Jill was away.

Jill and Jacob broke up soon after, but they got back together during the reunion and gave their love a second chance. Jill spoke about the breakup to her other podcast co-hosts, saying:

“What about the relationship?” Some might argue that the launch was a failure. Unfortunately, it did get into the rough launch phase, but it ended quickly.

“Trust was damaged,” Jill says of her divorce from Jacob on Bachelor in Paradise.

Jill and Jacob returned to the beach for a second chance at love on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. Jacob. The former couple met on one of the most unusual dates on the program and stuck together until a huge twist ruined their relationship. Jesse Palmer, the show’s host, revealed the Split Week twist, in which the original girls had to leave the beach and stay at the hotel, while their connections had to meet a new crop of women and put their relationships to the test. While Jill and the other ladies were out, they were met by a new group of men.

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Jill Kin

The twist created a lot of drama as a number of relationships were tested, some succeeding and others failing. Jill and Jacob were among the latter group since Jacob hooked up with newcomer Kate Gallivan as Jill struggled to be separated from him. When she returned, Jacob ended their relationship, claiming he had a better relationship with the broker. Jill and Jacob got back together in November 2022 and decided to give their love another go after the latter made a grand gesture during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion program.

During the episode’s airing, both shared photos and posts on their own social media accounts, admitting to giving each other a shot, sending fans into a frenzy. However, Jill stated on the Click Bait podcast the following month that the relationship had ended. Jill explained that she had no choice but to betray the trust. The reality star also stated that the couple planned a vacation to Rhode Island, but “unfortunately everything went wrong then.”

Jill stated:

“There was absolutely no other option.” I had no choice but to do what was best for me. And there’s just a line and standards you have for yourself that you can’t let others cross.

The Bachelor in Paradise star went on to emphasize the importance of trust in a relationship, saying:

“I have no ill will.” I don’t make negative predictions. The trust had been broken. And that in a long-distance relationship, communication and trust are essential, and we missed both.”

Jill Kin

Jill also said that despite the couple breaking up, she didn’t wish Jacob anything bad. She stated:

‘I wish Jacob no ill will. I believe if he puts in some effort he could be a nice companion for someone in the future. Hopefully he will and someone will be right for him.”

While a few couples made it to the end of Bachelor in Paradise, got engaged, or left the island as a couple, fans watched a lot of breakups as well. While some remained friendly, others caused a great deal of turmoil that lasted long after the reunion program aired.

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