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Autopsy Report Specifications The Death of Caylee Anthony

by Ana Lopez
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The murder of Caylee Anthony was ruled a homicide based on the autopsy results revealed Friday, but the coroner who assessed the child’s remains could not determine the cause of death. Although the Anthony family pleaded with Judge Stan Strickland at a hearing on Friday to keep the report sealed, the judge ultimately decided to make it public.

Caylee’s skeleton was examined for 12 days by Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia and the results showed no signs of trauma. An autopsy revealed that the duct tape found on the corpse’s skull was there long before the body decomposed.

According to the autopsy report, Garavaglia also found that the method of death is murder and that the cause of death cannot be determined with certainty, but that there is nothing incompatible with the body being dumped in the woods shortly after the date of last death. be seen alive.

According to the autopsy report, all of Caylee’s soft tissues and ligaments had been removed, leaving only her skeletal remains. Caylee’s tiny skeleton was recovered almost completely, except for a few bones from her wrists, hands, fingers, ankle and kneecap.

Autopsy report Caylee Anthony
Autopsy report Caylee Anthony

Also made public was the autopsy report for Casey Anthony’s 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. According to the report, the car’s pizza box was inspected and found free of maggots. Cindy Anthony first stated that the pizza that had been in the car for a long time was responsible for the “dead body” smell that permeated the vehicle early on in the investigation.

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Decomposition-related compounds were detected in the car’s air samples, the study said. According to the findings, the presence of a chemical similar to that released when a person is likely to be low on oxygen was discovered in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

“The perpetrator taped the child’s mouth shut with duct tape. I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby died of oxygen deprivation from suffocation, but I think the chemical study of the hull says more. According to the analysis, the trunk contained more of a substance that is present when a person dies from suffocation.

If Caylee Anthony died, either from duct tape or locked in the trunk, that’s probably why the state is pushing for the death penalty. For several minutes she had the distinct impression that she was about to die. The discomfort did not escape her.

Autopsy report Caylee Anthony
Autopsy report Caylee Anthony

Unbelievably, she endured a lot of pain.Richard Hoornsby, representing the defendant, said. On December 11 last year, meter reader Roy Kronk found Caylee’s body in a wooded area off Suburban Drive, not far from the Anthony home.

Casey Anthony has a tattoo that says “La Bella Vita”, and the state filed a motion demanding that it be photographed. They plan to visit Anthony at the Orange County Jail so they can take pictures of his new tattoo.

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