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Asia wa Charles A TikTok star passed away at the age of 36

by Ana Lopez
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Asia wa Charles, popularly known as Asia Namirembe, a popular Ugandan TikTok celebrity, passed away on January 27, 2023 at the age of 36. SB4 Media’s Rogers Sebunya verified the news and asked everyone to pray for the well-being of her family members. Asia’s relatives reported that she had an upset stomach and toothache for a week. As the situation worsened, she was rushed to hospital and required emergency surgery. However, she did not survive the procedure and was pronounced dead on Friday morning.

After her passing, her boyfriend Charles conveyed his grief in a video shot during Asia’s memorial service by NBS entertainment writer Kayz. Namirembe was described as his best friend, and he said he will miss her as she had an interesting personality and was loved by everyone in the areas she visited. Charles went on to say that they were planning a few more concerts.

Asia wa Charles

“I’m really sad,” said netizens in the wake of Asia wa Charles’ death.

Asian-washed Charles was known to be open-minded, and her alleged “love affair” with Charles attracted media attention. While the pair were filming wedding wear ads, news spread on social media that they were married. Charles has appeared in multiple Tiktoker videos. Moreover, SB4 helped Asia become a prominent social media celebrity, and her fans and followers adored her for her dancing and skits with Charles. They even appeared as a couple on numerous occasions. Ever since Asia wa Charles became popular on TikTok for her hilarious video, Twitteratis flooded the social media site with condolences as soon as news of her tragic death broke.

Many well-known social media stars attended Asia wa Charles’ funeral on January 30.

Asia was buried on January 30, 2023 in Nakasoga Village, Kirumba Sub-Province, Kyotera District. Well-known social media stars attended the funeral, as did Frank Abaho, president of Uganda’s TikTokers Association. He praised all the TikTok stars in attendance for changing their schedules to pay their respects to Asia.

Several other celebrities attended the funeral. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, aka Bobi Wine, of the National Unity Platform also attended and encouraged all TikTok stars to use the platform to raise awareness on various topics. It turned out that Robert was Asia’s former classmate, and the two also shared a village.

Asia wa Charles

He said, “

“TikTok isn’t just for fun; you are important individuals with the power to influence the world; use the platform wisely.”

Asia’s buddy Charles, also known as her husband, addressed the audience and stressed that he and Ugandan TikToker were not married. Despite being portrayed as husband and wife on various websites, Charles indicated that he and Asia worked on TikTok videos.

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