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Are Brittan and James still together after ‘Too Hot To Handle’?

by Ana Lopez
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There will be significant spoilers for Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle. There was a good mix of sincere bonds and solely lust-driven impulses in the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle. Creed comes to mind. Model Brittan Byrd and personal trainer James Pendergrass were one of the couples that formed quickly in the Turks and Caicos villa.

While they remained friends and showed mutual interest in each other throughout the experiment, the Hawaiians did experience some difficulties. James assigned himself the job of cock blocker, trying (and failing) to make sure no one wasted the group’s money while Brittan looked for a good rule-break.

He had good intentions, but in his rush to stop rule breakers, he unknowingly overlooked Brittan, who finally expressed her annoyance during a punching bag session. Then she gave James her bed in exchange for the newly arrived, tattooed Ethan.

While James was slightly offended by Brittan, he also realized how much he loved her and expressed regret for prioritizing the prize money over showing her affection. On their romantic end date, they discussed whether they wanted to continue together.

Are Brittan and James still together
Are Brittan and James still together

James’ response to Brittany’s “I really like you and I really appreciate what we have” was, “There’s only been one person the whole time, and I’m with her now.” Lana gave them the go-ahead after seeing their romantic exchange, and they exchanged their first kiss.

The two pairs of chairs eventually go to Kayla and Seb (opens in new tab) and Jawahir and Nick; the couple is not among the finalists (opens in new tab). (However, you would think that if there are no rule violations, they will be posted automatically.

Lana, expanded! The last time we saw them, the pair took part in the last hug of the experiment before leaving for their home in Hawaii. Read on to find out if Brittan and James are still dating months after the shooting.

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Are Brittan and James still together?

Yes! Brittan claims in the tell-all video that the pair took a break immediately after filming as they were unsure of the status of their relationship at this point. However, after moving to Los Angeles, both former residents of Hawaii began to interact more often.

James says it feels “so great” to be out in public as they are in the “dating phase” right now. As for hints leading up to the reveal, the couple were both active on Instagram, where they follow each other, like each other’s photos, and leave flirty, humorous comments on each other’s posts.

Brittan responded with a fire emoji and the words “Sea no defects” in response to a photo James posted two weeks ago with the trainer’s “Sea no evil” message. In addition, they were both present when the ensemble reunited and filmed a promotional piece in London.

While James tweeted nice individual shout-outs to Nick, Seb and Creed, Brittan shared multiple posts with the wives(opens in new tab) of Season 4. As far as TikTok goes, the couple actually defied expectations as they were the only pair of the Season 4 contestants to film clips together.

James shared a lot of videos about the ongoing “are they still together?” speculation and stories about Brittan (opens in a new tab). Since the couple went public, James has continued to post about how beautiful Brittan is (as he should).

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