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Are Bill & Frank gay in ‘The Last Of Us’ game? The show developed their story

by Ana Lopez
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Are Bill and Frank gay in The Last of Us video game? was a question fans of the acclaimed Sony exclusive had been teasing and theorizing about for years. If you’ve watched “Long Long Time,” the third episode of HBO’s post-apocalyptic series, and are just now reeling emotionally, you know the answer.

After the two action-packed opening episodes, we are transported back to 2003, just a few days after the fungal outbreak that would wipe out a large part of the world’s population. Bill (Nick Offerman), a “survivor”, is presented to us.

He creates his paradise in the evacuated village of Lincoln. In addition to putting up booby traps and an electrified fence for security, he becomes completely self-sufficient in terms of food and, probably most crucially, expensive wine he stole from the neighborhood liquor store.

He has no intention of encountering Frank (Murray Bartlett) or how they would discover love, hope and meaning in a hopeless world. The Last of Us is a video game and television series about the end. Here’s how the program’s story changed and developed as if Bill and Frank are gay in The Last of Us video game.

Are Bill and Frank Gay in The Last of Us Game?

Are Bill and Frank in the video game The Last of Us gay? While there is some evidence that they had a romantic relationship before, during, and after the player’s involvement with Bill, we never really get an explanation for that. The storylines of the television show and the video games diverge on this point.

Joel and Ellie need help and supplies when you first encounter Bill in the video games, and it’s up to you as the player to fight your way through Bill’s traps. Bill comes to the rescue after Bill and Joel accidentally alert a posse of the Infected.

Are Bill & Frank Gay in the game
Are Bill & Frank Gay in-game?

Bill acknowledges Frank but doesn’t go into detail about their connection when the chaos settles and Joel describes his goal to keep Ellie safe as they travel across the country.

“Once upon a time there was someone I cared about, it was a partner, someone I had to take care of. And in this world that kind of shit is good for one thing, getting you killed,’

The three soon come across a corpse hanging from a rope. Though disturbed, Bill tries to keep his composure. He recognizes the body as Frank and notes that Infected bit the corpse.

Bill explains: “He was my partner. He’s the only idiot who would wear a shirt like that.” Joel speculates that Frank hanged himself after contracting the infection, but a suicide note nearby: “I want you to know I despised your guts”, Frank wrote – suggesting the two had a falling out.

Once you have the necessary materials, borrow Bill’s car to help Joel and Ellie on their cross-country trek. Ellie admits that she allowed herself a stack of magazines in a cutscene. She then reveals it’s an adult magazine with a man on the cover and says: “I’m sure your ‘friend’ will miss this tonight.”

she jokes, “Light on the reading, but it has some interesting pictures.” The magazine is not for young people, Joel tells her. Joel can’t answer her question about why some pages are ‘stuck together’.

She says to Joel, “I am just f – king with you,” before throwing the magazine out the window. Although Bill is mentioned briefly in The Last of Us Part I and its sequel, we never see him again.

The episode’s director, Peter Hoar, explained Weekly entertainment“The word ‘partner’ is used, and it’s in a limited emotional sense.”

“You’re like ‘Business partner maybe?’ And that’s why I love how they told that story [in the game] because it feels like it’s happening just off camera and then you have to run away again because games can’t stop.

These are the only indications of Bill’s sexual orientation in the game The Last of Us, although the HBO series develops his story significantly. Bill’s type of origin story is revealed in episode three. His hometown of Lincoln is evacuated as the mold outbreak – which would soon wipe out the majority of humanity – begins.

Residents are sent to quarantine zones (QZs), but if those zones were complete they would be put to death. Joel (Pedro Pascal), upon seeing a mass grave near town, tells Ellie (Bella Ramsey), “Dead people can’t be infected.”

However, Bill is happy to finally be alone on his own. To defend himself against robbers and The Infected, he spends time robbing Home Depot, building an electric fence, and setting booby traps. He also becomes completely self-sufficient in terms of food and, perhaps more importantly, good wine, which he buys from the neighborhood liquor store.

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He has lived in complete isolation for four years, which is good for Bill. But when Frank inadvertently steps into one of Bill’s traps while trying to reach the Boston QZ, everything is turned upside down.

Bill offers Frank a hot supper with a good wine pairing, a hot shower and some new clothes as a precaution for his new guest. They first connect through their appreciation for the better things. Frank pulls out a sheet music book by Linda Ronstadt when he sees a vintage piano and clumsily plays “Long Long Time.”

Bill joins in and contributes his heartfelt performance. When Frank inquires about the woman Bill is singing about, Bill replies: “it’s not a girl,” and the two moved. After their kiss, their conversations in the bedroom are awkward and romantic.

Are Bill & Frank Gay in the game
Are Bill & Frank Gay in-game?

After 16 years, they are still together after Frank adds that he would like to spend a few more days. Bill doesn’t want to face the world alone, so he and Frank commit suicide together as Frank’s health deteriorates from an undiagnosed ailment.

“This isn’t the tragic suicide at the end of the play,” says Bill. “I am old, I am satisfied, and you were my goal.”

Despite his initial anger, Frank later admits it is “from an objective point of view, it’s incredibly romantic.” After having their last drink, they go upstairs to their shared bedroom, where they will spend all their time.

Joel senses something is wrong when he and Ellie arrive at Bill and Frank’s house because of the dry, dead flowers outside the door. A note written by Bill and addressed to “to anyone, but probably to Joel” is found by Ellie.

Bill asks that his and Frank’s bodies be left undisturbed in the bedroom, but that they leave a window open so the house doesn’t stink.

“I’ve never liked you, but it’s like we’re friends. Almost. And I respect you,” Bill writes.

“I used to hate the world and I was happy when everyone died, but I was wrong because there was one person worth saving and that’s what I did. I saved him and I protected him. That’s why men like me and you are here. We have work to do.”

This comment fits well, but goes against what Bill Joel advises throughout the game: showing compassion would ultimately lead to your downfall. True fans of the game should rejoice, as it is a nice departure from the games.

Craig Mazin also created the show and told EW that “Bill” is a fascinating man.

“I like the idea of ​​a guy who was actively preparing for the end of the world, and when it happened he was like, ‘Good!’ Bill in the game is a dark prediction of where Joel could end up if he doesn’t open his heart again: alone in a fortress of his own making, paranoid and grouchy….

I felt like we can go and actually do something else, that is, there’s an omen of hope. You can still find someone in this world to share your life with. No one lives forever, but the goal we should all have is to have a good life. And when the end comes, we are satisfied.”

The Last of Us can be shown on HBO max. New episodes air on Sundays at 9 a.m.

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