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Andrea Thompson Age: What is the age of Tristan Thompson’s mother?

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Tristan Thompson is in mourning after a terrible loss. Close friends of the 31-year-old NBA player told ET that his mother, Andrea Thompson, recently passed away. ET has sought an interview with Tristan’s rep.

Tristan Thompson was born in 1991 to Andrea and Trevor Thompson. Tristan has younger brothers named Deshawn, Daniel and Amari. In a 2016 interview with the NBA, Tristan said he checks in with his mother every day.

Andrea Thompson age
Andrea Thompson age

What was Andrea Thompson’s age?

Andrea Thompson’s age is unknown at this time, and further research has turned up no online profiles or other information about her. Andrea Thompson’s past as a school bus driver has been rumored, but this has not been confirmed. We believe Andrea Thompson will turn 49 in 2023. Her son Tristan gave an in-depth interview about his mother. We promise to keep you informed as soon as we hear more concrete details about this.

How many children does Andrea Thompson have?

They are Amari Thompson, Dishawn Thompson, Tristan Thompsonand Daniel Thompson, her four sons. Her son, Canadian-American basketball player Tristan Thompson, once played for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Additionally, he has NBA experience with the Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers before joining the Cleveland Cavaliers and contributing to their NBA Championship run in 2016.

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How did Andrea Thompson die?

Last Friday came the tragic news of the death of Tristan Thompson’s mother from Toronto. TMZ reports that Thompson’s mother suffered a heart attack at home on Thursday. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but despite all efforts, no one could save her. Despite not publicly commenting on the situation, TMZ claims Thompson quickly left Los Angeles for Toronto. So, no further details about the event have emerged so far.

Thompson said his mother took special care of their younger brother Amari, who suffers from epilepsy. Thompson says his brother’s dedication to the cause of epilepsy research is a major motivating factor in his own research. He remembered that his mother had given up a lot to be there for Amari around the clock.

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Last lines

They both shared the name Andrea, so Mrs. Thompson’s name was Andrea Thompson. His son, Canadian-American basketball player Andrea Thompson, played for the NBA’s Chicago Bulls (NBA).

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