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Adin Ross & Andrew Tate Chess Match… Ross did something extremely nasty to Tate!

by Ana Lopez
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People on Twitter are talking about something strange that happened while Twitch star Adin Ross and social media star Andrew Tate played chess live on stream.

Ross, who is 22, and Tate, who is 36, live-streamed their friendly chess match back in December. During the game they talked about men, women,The Matrix,” and other things.

Until the end, the nearly two-hour stream was pretty easy. As soon as the game was over, Tate stood up, shook Ross’s hand, and walked away from the chessboard.

Ross spoke to the audience while sitting alone. Then, for no reason, he decided to smell the chair Tate had been sitting in. The deep breath only lasted a second, but it was enough to make people wonder what was going on. Especially since Ross didn’t notice the chair sniffing.

Some people pointed out that Ross wasn’t serious and that the bit was part of a larger character he plays on streams. Last year, the two social media influencers talked back and forth on social media before getting together in Dubai to film a live stream.

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Ross went on a podcast after Tate was arrested saying their friendship was real and he stood by his friend. “People don’t really understand that all this really affects me because it’s like that’s my friend,” Ross said.

After the Romanian government investigated the matter, Tate was arrested in December on charges of human trafficking and rape. Ross recently tweeted to ask President Joe Biden to pardon Tate even though Tate had been arrested in Romania, which is not under Biden’s control.

All the details of what Adin Ross did to Andrew Tate after their chess battle have been discussed. Please tell us what you think in the section below. Just follow us on Lee Daily for more news like this.

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