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Adam Devine Wife: The Story of She and Devine’s Love of the Game!

by Ana Lopez
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Adam Patrick DeVine, an American actor, comedian, singer, screenwriter and producer, was born on November 7, 1983. He is one of the actors and co-creator of the Comedy Central comedies Adam DeVine’s House Party and Workaholics.

In the musical films Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, as well as the television series Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, he portrayed Bumper. He regularly played the roles of Andy Bailey on Modern Family and Adam DeMamp on Workaholics.

The Intern, The Final Girls, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Game Over, Man!, and When We First Met were among the movies he appeared in.

He provided the voices for characters in The Lego Batman Movie, Ice Age: Collision Course, Uncle Grandpa, Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, Vampirina and more animated programs.

Adam Devine Wife
Adam Devine Wife

The 2014 flight that brought her and Devine together

In 2014, Devine and Chloe Bridges first connected when they traveled to Louisiana to film The Final Girls. Devine admitted on The Tonight Show that he didn’t know Bridges was his co-star until they were in the same car after getting off the plane.

“We met while flying. I’m an idiot who doesn’t read emails, that’s why I didn’t know we were filming the same movie,” he clarified. “But Chloe is a smart girl who reads correspondence and she knew my identity.

She’s trying to strike up a conversation with me, and I’m like, “This girl is hitting on me!” I was also a bit overworked because I was dating someone.”

He kept talking. “When we finally arrive, I see that our driver to take us from New Orleans to Baton Rouge is the same, and I exclaim, ‘Oh, you’re in the movie!’ Yes, what did you think, she asks.” Devine and Bridges started dating in February 2015 after spending time together on set.

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She and Devine are basketball fans

According to the actress’s Instagram, Devine and Bridges regularly attend LA Clippers games. She stated in a March 2020 post: “Hello, @laclippers Basketball Dad and Mom are here to express their pride in you! But if you beat the Lakers today, we’ll be even happier!”

She said, “Yes, we come to Staples Center twice a week for the basketball, but we ALSO come for the dancing which is just as essential,” alongside photos of herself and Devine dancing in the stands in another post from January 2020.

She works in acting

Bridges has starred in numerous movies and TV shows in addition to The Final Girls. Fans will recognize her from her roles as Sidney Driscoll on Pretty Little Liars and as Dana in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. She also appeared in The Carrie Diaries as Donna LaDonna.

Behind the scenes Mike and Dave need wedding dates

In the 2016 movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Devine and Bridges appeared together again on screen. In addition to Zac Efron, who played Dave, Devine played Mike. In a brief cameo, Bridges appeared as “Apartment Chloe,” one of the women who evaluated Mike and Dave’s Craigslist ad.

In 2019, she and Devine got engaged

During a romantic boat ride in Newport Beach, California, Devine proposed to Bridges after several years of dating. Soon after, they both informed their Instagram followers of the great news. He commented: “Yes, she replied.

Actually she kissed me after she said “ahh Adam” but I’m pretty sure that means YES! I love Chloe more than anything and I can’t wait to spend my whole life with her.”

In a touching post about the engagement, Bridges said, “We’re going to do it! I am ecstatic to spend the rest of my life with this man as we have such a deep love.

She married Devine in October 2021 in Mexico

On October 9, 2021, Devine and Bridges exchanged vows in a romantic ceremony in Mexico. Along with his Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson and comedian Adam Ray, who helmed the event, Devine’s Workaholics stars Erik Griffin, Anders Holmand Blake Anderson were there.

The venue postponed all of the year’s festivities due to the pandemic, preventing the couple from holding the 200-person ceremony they had initially planned for Orange County. The couple opted instead to have a more intimate ceremony at Cabo San Lucas’ Esperanza resort.

In addition, Devine and Bridges both developed breakthrough COVID-19 infections a few weeks before their wedding. Fortunately, they had plenty of time to complete their quarantine, and the day before the ceremony, they and their guests all tested negative.

Their friendship is quite comical

It’s not surprising that Devine and Bridges have a humorous relationship given his successful comedic career. The Righteous Gemstones actor explained the fact that people often mistake him for Adam Levine in September 2022.

Devine hilariously stressed that he’s not the Maroon 5 singer in the midst of the latter’s adultery scandal, aside from a happy photo of him and Bridges. He also provided a status report on his interaction with Bridges.

“Just wanted to post this to let you know how fantastic and strong my wife, @chloebridges, and I are doing. Adam Levine is not me. He has changed and his singing has decreased. “He joked on Instagram. “However, we name our unborn child Sumner.”

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