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Acromentula Hogwarts legacy: how to beat the giant spider boss?

by Ana Lopez
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Spiders are probably one of the three types of enemies you will encounter most often in Hogwarts Legacy. Fortunately, these types of bosses are rare, even if they risk being all the more traumatic. The first encounter with an Acromentula is likely to stress you out in more ways than one, and not just because it’s huge, hairy, and full of eyes: it’s dangerous, and they get along really well.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Where can you find Acromentula?

Whether it’s to complete your collection of enemies, or just take on giant killer spiders, here are some opportunities to face one:

  • During the search The house-elf in distressgiven by Cheeks in the Room of Requirement.
  • As a target of meeting with the fugitive search.
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy


Having the right tools ready before the battle starts will make your job much easier, as always:

Don’t forget to stock up on healing potions, always having 25 of them will prevent you from running out at the worst time.

Other drinks can also be a game changer. Edurus improves your survivability, Maxima increases your damage and Brewstorm, for example, helps you passively kill the many spiders in the area.

Fire spells are especially useful against spiders, although the Acromentula is not particularly sensitive to them. If you don’t already have the forbidden spells, which are all fantastic for this fight, we recommend using:

  • Firework, with the talent that turns him into a fire nova. So you will ignite a lot of spiders every time.
  • Confringo, with the talent that sees him hit other additional targets. This turns the cave into a spider pyre.
  • Glaciuswhich is one of the few control spells that work on Acromentula.
  • valleys can activate a special animation when the Acromentula stands on its hind legs. It will hit its head on the ground. Damage will be dealt to him, and as a bonus you will have time to attack. However, it should be used at the right time.
The Acromentula Prepares for Charge - Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy
The Acromentula prepares its payload


The Acromentula doesn’t have a huge repertoire of attacks, but they are deadly and their timing can be a bit confusing. They are all red, they cannot be blocked.

The load is certainly the most painful, as it can be triggered remotely. She then approaches almost immediately and falls for you. You have to dodge it with the right timing, or use a control spell, like Glacius, or better, Descendo.

Even though she has this attack in her arsenal, it is better to try to stay as far away from the Acromentula as possible, as his melee attacks are much more dangerous. She unleashes three attacks that are as powerful as they are fast, with almost no downtime. It is difficult to dodge all of them without practice: it is therefore better to move as far away as possible after an attack, so as not to give him the chance of multiple attacks. What makes this attack deadly is that there isn’t really time left to have a drink in between.

But what ultimately makes the fight deadly is the uninterrupted stream of reinforcements, as long as the Acromentula lives. Even if the fire spells aren’t very effective on this boss, igniting the spiders, causing them to run around and in turn ignite their ilk, will greatly simplify your life. Use incendio and Confringo whenever possible. Killing the spiders will quickly recharge your Ancient Magicka bar to normal. Use the basic attack with R1 and the super attack with L1 + R1 to deal him massive damage. Finishing it by squeezing it under your sole is extremely satisfying.

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