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Acevedo wins Latin Grammy for Best Children’s Album

by Ana Lopez
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Robert Acevedo Jr., a graduate of Lee University’s School of Theology & Ministry, recently won the 2022 Latin GRAMMY for Best Children’s Album.

Acevedo played drums on Sofia’s album “A la Fiesta de la Msica Vamos Todos”, which won the GRAMMY. Acevedo’s facility, Rimshot Studios in Gainesville, Florida, also served as the home studio for the album’s collaborators.

“Winning one Latin Grammy is not just an award for me,” said Acevedo. “It is a testament to how God has blessed me personally, and I am beyond grateful to have had this blessing in my life. I attribute all praise and honor to God.”

In 2018, Acevedo received a pastoral ministry degree from Lee.

“Being involved with Lee gave me the opportunity and facilities to work with some of the most incredible and talented musicians and people on the planet, and I am proud to say that because of their dedication to my musical career and spiritual investment, being the musician I am today,” said Acevedo.

Acevedo is the owner and operator of Rimshot Studios, a facility with a focus on recording, production and music. José Valentino, one of the best flautists in the world, and other performing artists call the studio home. It also provides instruction for percussionists.

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“Rimshot Studios’ goal is to give musicians the tools they need to get anywhere in the industry,” said Acevedo. “I started the studio to make sure musicians were treated fairly, paid and given the opportunities they deserved, and so far we’ve succeeded,” she said.

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