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A designer who redefined fashion in the 1960s dies at 88

by Ana Lopez
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Life is too short to argue and fight. Count your blessings and appreciate the people who love you most every day. I am sorry to say that Paco Rabanne, a Spanish fashion and perfume designer, has passed away at the age of 88, according to his former eponymous brand.

Rabanne died on February 3 in Portshall, UK. His real name was Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo. In the 1960s, the artist was known for his space age designs, making him one of the most famous names in French fashion.

Because of the unusual ways in which he used metal and plastic in textiles, he has been called the “enfant terrible” of the French fashion movement of the 1960s. This is a name often given to rebellious and unusual “geniuses” in art. His perfumes are also known all over the world. Since leaving the company 20 years ago, the Spanish company Puig has been in charge of its Paco Rabanne brand.

The fashion house said in an Instagram post:

“The house of Paco Rabanne wants to honor our visionary designer and founder, who passed away today at the age of 88. His legacy, one of the most pioneering fashion figures of the 20th century, will remain a constant source of inspiration.

“We are grateful to Monsieur Rabanne for establishing our avant-garde heritage and defining a future of limitless possibilities.”

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Who was Paco Rabanne? A glimpse into the life of a fashion icon

Francisco Rabaneda y Cuervo, who became Paco Rabanne, was born on February 18, 1934. He was born in the city of Pasaia, in Spain.

His mother was a head seamstress at Balenciaga, so fashion was in his blood. In 1937, the family moved to Paris, partly because of the Spanish Civil War and partly because the first Balenciaga store opened there.

In his younger years he often made fashion sketches for Dior and Givenchy, two of the most famous fashion houses in the world. He later made jewelry for Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga, which set the stage for his later, more experimental metal designs.

In 1966 he started his own fashion house, Paco Rabanne. Soon he became known in the French fashion world. In 1966, for his first couture collection, he showed “12 unwearable dresses made of modern materials.” One was a mini dress made of aluminum plates that looked like chain mail.

Paco Rabanne Cause of Death
Paco Rabanne Cause of Death

His space-age avant-garde designs were groundbreaking and Jane Fonda wore one in the 1968 film Barbarella. Rabanne’s designs are still a household name in the fashion world. Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid have worn his clothes at various events.

His perfumes also did well for business, and his first fragrance, Calandre, is still available today. Lady Million, which comes in a bottle with a striking gold cap, is still a bestseller. He also made some of the most popular aftershaves for men.

Rabanne was known as much for his designs as for what he was like as a person. Many people called him strange and he made big claims in interviews and public appearances.

This involved saying he had lived before, including a life where he knew Jesus Christ and killed the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun. He also said he had paranormal experiences and could predict the future. In 1999, he said thousands of people would die in Paris and the Gers region of France because the Mir space station would crash to Earth during the 1999 solar eclipse.

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