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A dating history to remember!

by Ana Lopez
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Ezra Miller, a handsome actor who played a deranged inmate in the critically acclaimed movie The Stanford Prison Experiment and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, is taking center stage in Hollywood.

In addition to his good looks and talent, he has won several notable awards, including those from the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Even though he has a successful career in Hollywood, his love life is also interesting. He has a reputation for keeping his romantic life quite a secret. But we analyze all of his past partners and their connections. Does he have a girlfriend now? Let’s find out

Who is Ezra Miller dating?

Miller is not currently dating anyone, but she has been dating for a long time. Miller was engaged to Erin Urb in 2014, but they split the following year. He was with Mia Solange (2019), Shailene Woodley (2016), Tokata Iron Eyes (2016), Lauren Nolting (2011–2012), Zo Kravitz (2010), and Esther Wald (2010). (2006).

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The relationship between Erin Urb and Ezra Miller

Dating Ezra Miller
Dating Ezra Miller

It’s no secret that many other actors are attracted to Ezra Miller’s character. One of them is Erin Urb. Erin Urb is an actress from the US. She’s the only woman Ezra has decided to take things a little more seriously with.

From 2014 to 2016, Ezra and Erin were married for two years. And they dated together for a year before getting engaged. It’s a bit odd because Ezra’s other relationships usually didn’t last more than a year. And they get married? Why does Ezra decide to change his mind?

While this is Ezra’s most serious relationship, not much is known about what happened between him and his girlfriend. There is no clear information about how they first met or why they broke up.

Is Ezra Miller gay?

We probably think of the sexual rumor when we hear about Ezra Miller. Numerous sources said that Ezra is gay and dating women is his attempt to erase the rumor. Even some of Ezra’s admirers believe in that belief and are curious about the reality.

In 2012, the rumor first gained popularity. However, he did not dispute that. Instead, he identified as “queer” as opposed to “gay.” In the same year, he also came out as gay. Fortunately, he didn’t mind going deeper into that.

“It is generational in the sense that the term is newly available in some way. I think it feels the most open and inclusive, which makes it applicable to me personally. I think there are a lot of people who fall into this open spectrum of sexuality,” Ezra said in an interview with The Advocate in February 2013:

“There should be an ongoing question and inquiry into who you love and everything related to that very tricky and beautiful thing,” Ezra added. He thinks a lot of people are really interested in genders other than the binary; they’re just not aware that the word “queer” exists.

It sounds very exciting, don’t you think? We have so much admiration for Ezra Miller for being out about his sexuality and encouraging others to do the same. It goes without saying that his love life is also quite fascinating.

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