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A Comprehensive List of Tech Layoffs in 2023 • businessroundups.org

by Ana Lopez
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Technically last year the reckoning continues. In 2023 layoffs will again cost tens of thousands of tech workers their jobs; this time, the workforce cuts were driven by the biggest names in technology such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and Zoom. Startups, too, have announced cuts across industries from crypto to enterprise SaaS.

The reasoning behind this workforce reduction follows a common script, citing the macroeconomic environment and the need to find discipline on a tumultuous path to profitability. Still, tracking the layoffs helps us understand the impact on innovation, which companies are under intense pressure, and who is available to hire for those companies that are fortunate enough to be growing right now. Unfortunately, it also serves as a reminder of the human impact of layoffs and how risk profiles can change from here.

Below is a comprehensive list of all known technology layoffs that occurred in 2023, which will be updated monthly. If you have a tip about a layoff, please contact us here. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can contact us here.

February 2023


Announced on February 15 that it will impact 4% of the global workforce – or more than 100 employees.


Announced on February 13 that it will affect about 17% of the global workforce, about 1,400 people.


Announced on February 9, 10% of staff will be affected through the end of the company’s fiscal year. Before this announcement, that was first reported by FortuneGitHub had about 3,000 employees.


Announced Feb. 9, 20% of the workforce, affecting 1,600 employees in its ad technology business. Yahoo is the parent company of businessroundups.org.


Announced a 7% headcount reduction on Feb. 9. The round of layoffs will affect about 114 people, although that specific figure will depend on the actual workforce as of Feb. 9.

To confirm

Announced on February 8 that it is reducing its workforce by 19%, or approximately 500 employees, and closing its crypto unit.


On February 7, announced the reduction of 15% of its staff, or 1,300 people.


VinFast has not shared how many employees have been cut, but a LinkedIn message one former employee said “nearly 35 positions” were affected. Announced February 6.


Announced February 6, affecting 6,650 people, or 5% of the global workforce.

Getting around

Announced on February 2, 10% of the workforce – about 42 employees.


Announced February 2, 150 workers affected. This is the second move within weeks of the first round in December 2022.


Announced on February 1, cutting 6% of the workforce for the second time in less than a year.

January 2023

SoFi technologies

Announced on January 31, cutting 65 jobs, or about 5% of the 1,300 workforce. First reported by the Wall Street Journal.


Announced on January 31, affecting 8% of the workforce, approximately 960 people.


This will affect an additional 500 employees, announced on January 31. The company said this new wave of layoffs will be spread over the first two quarters of 2023.

impossible food

Reportedly 20% of the workforce, more than 100 employees, Bloomberg reported first.


Announced on Jan. 30, about 2,000 full-time employees, or 7% of the workforce, were affected.


Announced January 30, with a newly appointed CEO, cutting 50% of the workforce – 800 employees worldwide.


The self-driving technology unit under Alphabet quietly laid off employees on Jan. 24 The information and various posts on LinkedIn and Blind. It is not yet clear how many Waymo employees are involved


Announced January 23, impacting approximately 6% of the global workforce, approximately 600 employees.


Google’s parent company announced on January 21 that it was laying off 6% of its global workforce, representing 12,000 employees. These cuts affect divisions such as Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator, and Alphabet’s robotics division, Intrinsic.


The entertainment company announced an undetermined number of employees across multiple properties on Jan. 20. According to a report by Varietythe company employs about 500 people and the layoffs have affected about 10% of the workforce in various locations.


Announced plans to cut 380 jobs and close the meat marketplace on Jan. 20.


Announced on January 18, 10% of the global workforce, approximately 450 people, was laid off.


As announced on January 18, 10,000 workers will be affected.


Laid off 70% of the workforce on January 18.


Announced on January 17, impacting 30% of staff across all teams.

Share chat

Announced on Jan. 15, ShareChat laid off 20% of its workforce — or more than 400 employees — just a month after eliminating more than 100 positions.


On January 12, announced a 40% workforce cut in the US and China, or about 120 people.


Intrinsic, Alphabet’s robot software company, is laying off 40 employees, businessroundups.org confirmed on Jan. 12. This amounts to about 20% of the workforce.

Green light

The fintech startup that offers debit cards to children laid off 104 employees on Jan. 12, or more than 21% of its total workforce of 485 employees.

Career Karma

Learning navigation platform Career Karma laid off an additional 22 people in its global and domestic workforce on Jan. 12.


Plans announced on January 12 to lay off approximately 10% of executive staff on January 20.


Announced on January 11, the equity management platform was cutting 10% of its staff. Judging by LinkedIn data, the layoff could have affected about 200 employees.


Impact on 33 employees on January 11.

Coin base

To cut 950 jobs, or about 20% of the workforce, and halt “several” projects, announced Jan. 10. This is the second round of major layoffs at the crypto exchange, which eliminated 18% of its workforce or nearly 1,100 job openings last June.

Super rare

The NFT marketplace is cutting 30% of its staff, announced on Jan. 6.


Announced January 5, eliminating over 18,000 roles. This announcement extends a previously announced round of layoffs that would affect approximately 10,000 employees. On January 19, the company announced it was discontinuing AmazonSmile.

Sales team

Announced on January 4 that it will cut 10% of its workforce, affecting more than 7,000 employees. A month later, some Salesforce employees had just discovered they were also part of the 10% layoff announcement.


Announced January 4 to cut 11% of the workforce.

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