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6 reasons to consider travel insurance

by Ana Lopez
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For both business and leisure jetsetters – including those who travel while working remotely – reducing risk is essential, and one way to handle a wide spectrum of unexpected and potentially catastrophic events during a trip is to contact with the right travel insurance. These policies are designed to reduce financial and financial risks and evade all sorts of disruptions. They can be customized for specific destinations, activities, assets and hazards, whether the journey is motivated by bliss or your bottom line.

Some key features to consider:

1. Covered medical expenses

Medical coverage, also known as travel health insurance, is one of the most valuable parts of a policy. It pays for treatment and hospitalization in places where typical health insurance doesn’t, and also covers emergency medical evacuation, which would otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars. That means both peace of mind And financial and physical security. Such insurance usually also includes accident coverage, which you or your beneficiaries pay if you are injured or killed during a trip.

Please note that if you have pre-existing conditions, the policy should state that you are still covered.

2. Compensation for Cancellations and Delays

Flight delays and cancellations are some of the most typical problems travelers face, and travel insurance can reduce the risks associated with such variables as extreme weather and staff shortages. If a flight is disrupted and the airline defaults, even the uninsured may be entitled to meal vouchers and hotel accommodations, but trip cancellation insurance means reimbursement for costs such as ground transportation, meals and a hotel if you can’t fly for each reason, including severe weather, illness, a missed flight or a death in the family.

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3. Making travel breaks less stressful and expensive

Unexpected events can turn any route upside down. For example, a natural disaster or civil unrest may occur at a stopover or at your destination. You may also become ill, or family matters may suddenly require a return home. Insurance with interruption coverage means that costs associated with coming home earlier are reimbursed.

4. Replacement of Lost or Stolen Property

Standard homeowners or renters insurance policies typically include off-premises coverage up to 10% of your personal property limit. This could cover a portion of lost, stolen or damaged luggage, equipment and other valuables. However, a travel policy provides additional coverage for such assets, including cash and passports. This can be particularly useful for those who rely on equipment such as laptops and smartphones that need to be replaced quickly.

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5. 24/7 assistance

If you’re working while traveling, having someone help you navigate a disaster, including finding alternative travel arrangements, can save you a ton of time and stress. Some policies even offer legal or medical advice. This can help you keep going, even if plans fall apart or unexpected expenses/events crop up.

6. Affordability

The cost of travel insurance varies depending on the destination, length of stay, desired activities, additional coverage for extraordinary events such as terror attacks and kidnapping claims, provider chosen, age, and pre-existing medical conditions. Please note that you have 10 to 15 days after purchasing a policy (depending on the provider) to view it and cancel it without penalty. With such a “free viewing period” you can lock in a price or cancel until your journey begins. Career travelers may also want to consider an annual travel policy, which covers all trips for a year and is renewable.

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