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‘1923’ Lands Season 2 Paramount’s Renewal

by Ana Lopez
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Following the drama’s record-breaking first season, which saw its 2022 premiere become the highest-watched series launch on cable, the streamer has renewed Yellowstone prequel 1923 for a second season. The protagonists of Taylor Sheridan’s series, Jacob (Hugh Harrison) and Cara (Helen Mirren), trace the origins of Yellowstone’s modern Dutton clan.

According to Paramount+, the latest chapter in the Dutton family history is set in the early 20th century, “when pandemics, historic droughts and the end of Prohibition ravage the mountain to the west, and the Duttons who call it home.”

The original Yellowstone 1883 origin story, which ran for one season and starred Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton, was picked up a few decades later, in 1923. Isabel May, who played their daughter Elsa on the series, continues to tell 1923.

James and Margaret Dutton’s surviving children, Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) and John Dutton III (James Badge Dale), who sadly passed away before the midseason finale, appear in 1923, further fleshing out the Dutton family tree.

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James, played by McGraw, is the brother of Ford’s Jacob, who adopted his cousins ​​after his brother and sister-in-law died (their fates were revealed in the 1923 season premiere when Elsa shared that James and Margaret died after the final events of 1883, in which they settled in Montana and built what is now known as the Yellowstone ranch.)

The 1923 Oscar-nominated actors spoke candidly with The Hollywood Reporter about what brought them to the TV show, and they both shared the same answer: each other.

‘He quotes me. When asked if she would rejoin her Mosquito Coast co-star more than 30 years later, this time on television, Mirren replied: “And I say the exact same thing: Harrison. “I think we’re both in a little bit of pain.

Even though we were different then, we enjoyed working together. I was quite unknown compared to him, a great movie star. Our position differed significantly, he continued, adding: “Luckily I caught up a bit.” Ford agreed with Mirren, saying he was also “drawn to the ambition of the piece”.

“I had met Taylor, who gave me a little idea of ​​what he had in mind, and I went on faith and my experience of Yellowstone, 1883,” the Indiana Jones star said of the show, which is shot in Montana, among other places. . , South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Malta and stretches across three continents.

He created a piece of extraordinary breadth, scale and cinematic ambition. Each of these episodes is viewed by Taylor as an hour-long movie. And that is the item we receive. Ford expressed hope for filming a second season while co-starring in Apple’s Shrinking: “I’m thrilled, encouraged and challenged by the job at hand.

I hope there will be another season to learn more about this person and observe him in different situations. But I’m having a lot of fun. I’m having a great time.

1923 lands season 2
1923 lands season 2

In addition to Darren Mann, the cast also includes Michelle RandolphMarley Shelton, Brian GeraghtyAminah Nieves, Jerome Flynn and Julia Schlaepfer.

January 8 saw the mid-season finale of 1923 Season 1, and the show will return to Paramount+ on February 5. In addition, Yellowstone returned this summer and aired the midseason finale on January 1.

According to Sklenar, the story will change when the first season returns to his character’s “hero’s journey” to return home.

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Before reading his aunt Cara’s (Mirren) letter about the attack on the family that resulted in the death of Spencer’s brother (Dale) and the injury of his uncle, Spencer, who was in Africa with Alex (Schlaepfer), was last seen (ford).

In addition to the plot itself, Spencer’s character has undergone significant change from this point on, according to Sklenar. The hero’s journey propels the property forward and the hero’s call to return home. It’s not an easy journey. There are several difficulties there.

Before he gets there, he has a lot to overcome, just like Alex and Spencer. In writing these programs, Taylor doesn’t make it easy for anyone. The makers of 1923 are Bosque Ranch Productions, 101 Studios and MTV Entertainment Studios.

Executive producers include co-creator Sheridan, David C. Glasser, John, Art and Ben Richardson. Ron Burkle, David Hutkin, Bob Yari and David Hutkin are also involved.

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